Zinda Tegram
+7 Medical
+6 Gunnery Pilot
+5 Stamina Resolve Alertness
+4 Engineering Assets Intimidation Culture/Tech
+3 Science Demolitions Charm Agility Brawling
+2 Repair Brokerage Oratory Stealth Communications Animal Handler
+1 Micro-G EVA Computer Navigation Vehicle Bureacracy Survival


Instilled with a Knight's Pride Born in the cockpit
In Alfred's Memory "My name is Zinda Tegram. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
Don't You Lay a Finger on my Daughter! Sworn to uphold Justice
The Tool She Has Demonstrated the Utmost Proficiency With Abraham Bounty's Private Army
The Fruit of Tzimitche Station's Research Hundred Eyed Demon


Health oooo
Composure ooooo
Wealth oooo
Refresh ooooooo


Knight-Ace: As military grade pilot.
Have a thing, Stern Lanze: Keepsake of my father, and tool of vengeance.
Oldziey Boarding Tactics: Use gunnery for energy weapons.
Geoffrey: My trusted Lieutenant shall always be at my side.
Personal Armory: A collection of Hardware Suited to any Mission
Highly Iterative Design: Given a few hours, can make a rough-if-functional copy of most equipment. If given more time, the quality improves. Bodies are equipment.
Queen of Leaves: Can control Slithers and other such pheromone-managed bodies.
Dakka-Inspired: If Zinda's body is destroyed, she has arranged for a replacement to be produced in Cargo Bay 3 (or failing that, Asago)
Bullet-Eater: Can use medical for defense in personal combat.

Stern Lanze

Hull oooooo Beam 5
Heat oooooo Torpedo 0
Data oooo V-Shift 5 Trade 0
Aspects 360-Degree Cockpit Old Computers Heavy Dust Cannons Oldzien Mobile Home Honored Family Heirloom
Stunts Burst-Signal Flares Disposable Shield Boosters Firewall Landing Gear Skeleton Crew

Phase 1 - Growing up

Zinda was born in Oldziey. Her father was the greatest knight-ace in his King's royal guard. Her mother died in Childbirth. At a young age,
Zinda was instilled with her father's pride and sense of honor. By his side, she learned to fly fighter craft and the rules of
combat. By the time she could walk, she could fly. By the time she was twenty, she had earned her own place in the royal guard.

Aspects: Instilled with a Knight's Pride, Born in the cockpit.
Stunts: Knight-Ace, Heavy Beam Expert.

Phase 2 - Starting out

The old king died. Replaced by the king's son, their corner of Oldziey was cast into madness. Zinda's father was accused of treason by
the mad king and summarily executed. As she watched the execution with feigned emotionlessness, Zinda swore an oath of revenge against
her country and her ruler. As the last of her line, she inherited her father's starfighter, "Stern Lanze". She took it and fled
Oldziey, swearing she'd become the greatest ace of all known space.

Aspects: "I must become stronger!", "My name is Zinda Tegram. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
Stunt: Have a thing: Starfighter "Stern Lanze"

Phase 3 - Moment of Crisis

Leaving Oldziey is no simple matter, however. Most of the old jump capable hardware was pressed into combat duty and destroyed in the formative years of the various Oldzien kingdoms. The pirates could come and go as they pleased, but rarely elected to take passengers, and Confederation battle groups only took you in chains or a bodybag. Zinda pondered her problem, slowly watching her dwindling food supply and the jump gates. In time, she realized her only chance would be to capture one of the pirate's jump capable ships and use it to escape. As she watched the jump points, one day a Kilrathi trading craft warped in. Pilots from her old kingdom promptly swarmed the craft, and as she watched from hiding she could not help but reflect on the her knight's oath to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Ambushing her prior comrades, she managed to leverage surprise long enough to drive them off, but in the process her fighter was heavily damaged. Opening comms with the trading vessel, she spoke to the first alien she'd ever met. The ensuing conversation was awkward, but in time both sides came to an agreement: Zinda would escort the vessel, and in return would receive repairs and a ride out of the system.

Aspects: "Traitor to my People", "Sworn to uphold Justice"

Phase 4 - Sidetracked

After hitching a ride to David, Zinda chose to seek docking rights at the local naval station in the hopes of making a deal with the staff to retrofit the Lanze with jump drives, but she lacked the cultural insight to realize that a heavily armed Oldziey fighter in Confed space would likely only attract attention from Confed military police. After scaring off two squadrons of confed pilots sent to bring her in, Zinda, realizing she had no hope of survival should she continue to resist, allowed the Lanze to be taken into custody by Confed military police.

While in custody she was interrogated regarding the goings on in the system, the design of her fighter, and ultimately offered a deal: Zinda would train selected groups of the Confed military in Oldzien fighter tactics, as well as serve as a consultant to Confed scientists researching her craft during her tenure as an instructor. In exchange, she would receive a full pardon and her fighter back at the end of the training regime, with an official title and military pilot's license.

Serving as a flight instructor was very difficult for Zinda. She did not find the pilots hard to teach, but rather she was finally being confronted with what it was to be a cultural outsider. The other pilots ignored her outside of lessons, and even went questioned her sanity when she requested that the gravity be turned off in her sleeping chamber. For the first time she felt loss, and regretted her decision to abandon her kingdom. Now, she had no home to return to. To make matters worse, most of her students were hopelessly tied to Confederation doctrine and could not even be persuaded to cut their engines off when turning. Still, a few pilots did show promise: One AWACS pilot in particular had displayed excellent intuition in coordinating his squad mates, Though he seemed to never shut up about his alien girlfriend and his actual piloting was pretty awful. Still, at the end of her tenure she was provided with a pilot's license and her freedom: The stars were finally open to her: Where would she go from here? She had no idea.

Aspects: 'What do you mean you don't eat mynocks?' , 'Without a home.'

Phase 5 - On her own

After Zinda's stay in the private military, she found herself unemployed and living out her ship for six months. One day, after stepping out of the Lanze into station gravity, she could feel her leg creak: In spite of her medication and training, living in null gravity was taking its toll. Zinda was angry when the confed doctor when she told her that Zinda would be confined to full or high-gravity places on the station, but she understood all too well what spending too much time in null gravity does. During her time confined to the station, Zinda met a traveling trading caravan. She and the lead freighter captain hit it off quite well, and so she was able to secure a position as the defense squadron flight lead. During the ensuing trade run, Zinda drove off no fewer than 6 separate pirate ambushes and and secured a total of 20 confirmed kills. In the final group, one of the pirate pilots accidently had their comms set to an unencrypted channel, and in the middle of the ensuing dogfight, shouted 'They're on me! That hundred eyed demon is on me!' Zinda at the time did not think much of it, and simply shot him down, but after returning from sortie, she was approached in hangar by a howling group of her squadmates who teased her for her nickname and drew googly eyes on her ship. Still, the name stuck, and they even changed her call-sign to 'Eyes'.

Aspects: 'Micro-G Adaptation syndrome' 'Hundred Eyed Demon'

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