Unknown Space (TCSC1575)

T: -4
E: -4
R: -3
Jump Points To: David, possibly unvisited systems

By tradition, systems are named when they are colonized; until then, they are only given a survey designation. By economics, systems are usually not thoroughly surveyed until they are colonized, however minimally.

Thus, TSCS1575's contents are largely unknown. Other than its sun, the only significant gravity wells in this system are small (no greater than 0.1 G) waterless rockballs or gas giants, and initial mineral surveys were not promising, so colonization stopped short.

With recent developments, this system presents a ray of hope that jump points linking back to Terran space may yet be found. Unfortunately, proper surveying takes specialized ships, none of which happened to be this side of Chandley when that system was lost. But the knowledge of how to make one survives, and there is more than one effort to reconstruct this capability. Until one of those efforts pays off, TCSC1575 waits, as it has since its star was born.

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