Welcome! This site is for a roleplaying game, using the Diaspora system, set in the Wing Commander 'verse. It ran from March 2012 (with pre-game planning over the two months before that) to June 2016.

The game is now concluded. No further applications to join this site will be approved, save from those who participated in said game.


Hawking sector, Hubble quadrant, Chandley system. In 2686, a Nephilim wormhole is detected - an apparent attempt to "back door" into humanity's space, 8 jumps from Sol and sole access to a cluster of systems. The wormhole is destroyed, but in the process, Chandley system is rendered impossible to traverse: any attempt is fried by intense radiation, and even communication is impossible. Several systems are cut off from Sol entirely.

By 2687, things are falling apart. There is no end of demagogues cling to this or that excuse for legal superiority over the other systems. The radiation will eventually subside, but it will take decades. There is one yet unexplored link - going off into the mostly uncharted space of the Ladyman quadrant.

Light speed communication between unconnected worlds is possible. Collins is the closest to the main branch of Terran space, and a summary of the situation was sent from there. It should be received in early 2689. No response is expected, but if there is one, late 2691 is the earliest possible.

The colonies range from 75 to 5 years old, with a total population just shy of 100 million. Jump drive itself will be 100 years old in 2688, and while there was quite the surge of colonization (which even multiple wars did not stop), this branch was not the first to be colonized.

4 Yorktown-class light carriers (with up to 40 fighters each) remain out of the 6 sent to deal with the wormhole. Century-old ships that had been mothballed, they were hastily reactivated with skeleton crews to deal with the surprise threat. Each of the captains believes himself senior to the other three. Limited manpower forced automation.

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