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  • The Watchful Eye of Janice
  • Peaceful World Simmering With Tensions
  • Everyone Wants Something

Sommers is an odd system. Technically, the system has only one planet, Janice, as well as an asteroid belt a little further out. Janice lies in the habitable zone of Sommers, however, and has a good dozen large (roughly Terran) moons, most of which have breathable atmospheres. The original colony was nothing more than a small ring station orbiting Summer, the garden moon, and playing host to a sequence of researchers looking for reasons for the high concentration of survivable worlds.

  • Summer - Terran, Garden world.

After Anderson was established as a Navy base and the Anderson Yards were built, Sommers served as a solid source of resources. The Sommers Mining Consortium was formed, built an orbiting smelter, and began to process asteroids. Further immigration followed and Summer grew to a population of about fifty thousand. That population got a hefty government presence when the route to Mu Cephei was explored and contact was made with the Bunnies - tension was high for about five years, but the Bunnies quickly joined the Confederation and military fears faded.

That has been replaced in recent years with racial tensions, as Sommers (and Summer in particular) has proven a popular immigration spot for the Bunnies escaping their cinder homeworld.

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