Session 7 15

Spyboy: ":You bastards! Feeding corpses to the plants so they'll fight your robots for you - that wasn't bad enough!:"
Spyboy: ":No, you needed more corpses! Time to make it propaganda!:"
Spyboy: ":Recruit all the desperates you can, 'Time to join the army,' then slit their throats and dump em!:"
Spyboy: ":Uh-oh, that alien who broke the colosseum's back! Gas the lot of them, theirs and ours together, and hope she dies!:"
Spyboy: ":You know what the worst part is?:"
Spyboy: ":We need one of you alive, and I'm so pissed that I can't pick one!:"
[OOC] Spyboy: Looking for tags. One moment.
Spyboy rolled up 4dF: 0 - - - (Base: 2 Total: -1) (Intimidation, tagging 'Leave Her Alone, ASSHOLE!' and expecting this to blow up in my face.)
[OOC] Spyboy: Yup. For the record: don't let Spyboy try intimidation.
[OOC] Abraham: And Chessa did not disappoint. That's actually reroll worthy.
The lagos look at Spyboy coolly. Some of them might be reaching for hidden pistols.
[OOC] Spyboy: Rerolling. Tagging 'Smoking Ruined Computer Console.' on the basis it should exist.
Spyboy rolled up 4dF: + - 0 + (Base: 2 Total: 3)
Abraham brings his hand ever so slightly closer to his pistol.
[OOC] Abraham: Nice. ish.
[OOC] Spyboy: Is Abraham in sight? I'd figured it was me in the open, with Heggy and Abraham ready if necessary…
[OOC] WC GM: Heggy's sneaking, right? Was Abraham doing so?
[OOC] Abraham: Technically. Leaning against a wall out of the Lago's LOS is sneaking I suppose.
The lagos stop before pulling anything out. They are, at least, willing to keep the battle verbal for now, but wait for the wild crazy dangerous furless alien to make the next move.
Spyboy: ":Move those hands away from those guns if you don't want to be the first to die.:"
Spyboy starts tagging the fatbunnies that were moving towards guns, letting Heggy see them so she can ambush if necessary.
The lagos comply - except for one who pulls out a case of cigarettes.
Spyboy debates shooting the cigarettes.
Heggy whispers a summary to Abraham.
Another lago frowns at that one, then whispers to Spyboy, ":Can he be the first one to die? I keep telling him they'll be the death of him, and us if he doesn't quit.:"
Abraham nods, but does not say anything.
Heggy: "I'm getting the feeling that Michael's angry."
The cigaretted lago takes a swipe at the complainer with the case.
Abraham: "Yes. I have noticed that."
Abraham: "We'll have the doc check his blood pressure when we get back to The Roland."
Heggy: "….Aand he definitely doesn't have a plan in mind. Crap. Sir?"
The attacked lago ducks back, and soon they are trading weak blows, escalating quickly.
Spyboy: "…Well."
[OOC] Spyboy: Can the pistol be set for stun?
Abraham steps out from behind the wall "Well, I suppose it is time to make our presence known."
[OOC] WC GM: Confed standard issue? Sure. I don't recall if there's specific canon on that but I can definitely believe this crew would have made that modification even if it's not standard.
Abraham speaks in Confed, "So… Spyboy… what was the plan here?"
Spyboy: ":Blast the console, keep them from getting Zinda any more angry than she already is.:"
Spyboy: "I mean…"
Spyboy repeats in Confed.
[OOC] WC GM: Alertness, or anything approximating small unit tactics. Everyone including Metis; Spyboy's at a penalty.
Metis rolled up 4dF: 0 + - - (Base: 7 Total: 6)
Spyboy rolled up 4dF: 0 0 + 0 (Base: 7 Total: 8) (Tactics)
[OOC] Spyboy: How much is the penalty?
Abraham rolled up 4dF: + - 0 0 (Base: 5 Total: 5) (Alertness)
[OOC] WC GM: …low enough that that beats it.
[OOC] Spyboy: Kay, just checking =p
Metis: "[The brawl appears to be a ruse.]"
You've seen this on less-than-serious action flicks. A brawl starts, but it's an excuse for one party to suddenly throw something, the other party to duck, and the projectile to "accidentally" hit whoever the two really want to take down, a bar brawl quickly turning into a many-on-few beatdown.
Spyboy: "Obviously. Still, easy enough to remedy."
Sure enough, that one lago has a bottle of spirits in hand and is winding up just now, the other lago between him and Spyboy.
Spyboy tazes the one with the cigarettes, followed by the one who made the comment.
Spyboy rolled up 4dF: 0 - + + (Base: 5 Total: 6) (Energy Weapons)
Spyboy: ":Any other volunteers? You with the bottle?"
[OOC] WC GM: Not even rolling defense: you took them by surprise.
The brawlers drop to the ground, their plan - and the booze - ruined.
[OOC] Spyboy: Oh, thought that was a third.
[OOC] WC GM: The one with the cigarettes was the one about to duck; the other one was the one with the bottle.
[OOC] WC GM: There was probably about to be, but now the rest are pretending they weren't about to jump you.
[OOC] WC GM: Quite cat like for lagos.
Spyboy: ":Alright, you first. Pull out your pistol with just your first two fingers, and drop it on the floor.:"
[OOC] Spyboy: And a quick scan pulse to check for hidden weapons.
Abraham: "I really would listen to him. I don't think I've ever seen him this angry."
Spyboy: "[Thanks, Metis. You see any others who look like they're going to try something, please tell me.]"
Metis: "[I will relay any pertinent information.]"
The indicated lago complies. Said lago also has a switchblade, decorated extensively and the chemical profile suggests much polish; the blade itself would not penetrate Spyboy's flight suit.
Spyboy: ":Knife, too.:"
The lago frowns, then gets the blade out - unfolded - and sets it down with much greater care.
Spyboy: ":Slide them over here.:"
Spyboy: "Sir, any ideas on the next step?"
The lago slides the pistol over quickly, but thinks about it for half a minute before nudging over the knife.
Spyboy kicks the pistol up in the air, grabs it and disables it, then takes a closer look at the switchblade.
The pistol is cheap and almost willingly comes apart in Spyboy's hands. The switchblade…this might not be castles and knights of legend, but Spyboy can recognize a prized ceremonial presentation-grade weapon.
[OOC] Abraham: Hell, I'm trying to remember what our goal was. Zinda buggered off and Spyboy wants to destroy a console.
[OOC] WC GM: Something something stop the lagos from killing themselves?
Spyboy tosses the blade to Abraham.
Spyboy: "Interesting piece…"
Abraham catches it out of the air and examines it.
[OOC] WC GM: BTW, is anyone monitoring for radio broadcasts?
[OOC] Abraham: Since Spyboy and Heggy have neutrino coms, I am.
Abraham has seen the like of this switchblade, though as formal swords, and not since his academy days.
Abraham: "Yes, this is an interesting piece. I've never seen this style as a switchblade before. Where did you get it?"
Abraham fails to mention that would have come in handy in a couple of spots in the academy.
Spyboy: "That one had it."
Spyboy: "…I'm wondering….Metis, can you tell if any of the rest have the same kind of blade?"
[OOC] Spyboy: My sensor module is neucomm enabled, btw.
Abraham: "Okay, someone, and I'm blaming Zinda as is both right and propper, has upset some people and they are saying things in nasty tones in Lago over the waves."
[OOC] Abraham: … Oh my god. We just found the Lago version of the Tunnelsnakes.
[OOC] WC GM: That is not entirely inaccurate.
Metis: "[There are two others with that kind of blade; the two that you disabled with an electrical discharge.]"
Spyboy: "Interesting. Thank you again, Metis."
Metis: "[You are welcome.]"
Spyboy: ":And what would your name be, hmm?:"
Abraham: "Hm… now I'm getting a distinct marching music vibe."
Tahoma: ":Call me Tahoma. Who wants to know?:"
Spyboy: ":Lieutenant Pearson, of the Confederation Space Force.:"
[OOC] Spyboy: 'Tahoma' have any meaning in Prime?
Abraham: "And yep, marching music is done, now people seem to be getting their marching orders. Sounds a lot like squad assignments."
Tahoma: ":The Confed? Why are you here? And why are you stopping us?:"
[OOC] WC GM: Roughly as much meaning as "Helvetica".
[OOC] Spyboy: So…faces melting off?
[OOC] Abraham: I keep an eye out for a Lago named Black Chance.
[OOC] Spyboy: "We just want to make sure that the 'Queen' calcium atom doesn't leave its 'nest.'"
Spyboy: ":Because the evacuation schedule has just changed rapidly.:"
[OOC] WC GM: I swear, Comic Sans will not be appearing on screen in this campaign. Unless you cause said appearance.
Tahoma: ":Whatcha mean?:"
Spyboy: ":I mean that we've found a planet with sufficient room for the surviving Lagos. And so we'd rather that those surviving Lagos not be dead before we do.:"
Tahoma: ":A mass evacuation? Huh, an' how're you gonna get us all o'er there?:"
Spyboy feels his lips curve up in a smile.
Spyboy: ":All at once.:"
Tahoma: ":Ain't no rocket that big. 'Sides, some of us have come to like it here. An' if you hadn't noticed, Elles seems t' have other plans about us living that long.:"
Spyboy: ":Yeah, you're right. All those underground farms she builds…she must really have it in for you.:"
Tahoma: ":Whoa, whoa, BUILT. Somethin' changed suddenly. First she kicked out alla those Shaft crew we ain't s'pposed t' know about.:" When some of the other lagos frown at him, he shrugs. ":Not 'actly the best kept secret, friends. Anyway, then we get word of some major battle downstairs. Easy guess that she's turned on us.:"
Tahoma: ":We ain't got nothin' new from th' farms since the battle started. Fortunately we got supplies for now, but they're runnin' low - an' were runnin' out faster 'til someone came up with the idea of recruiting to help the fight.:"
[OOC] Spyboy: Yet another thing we can blame on Zinda. Yay!
Spyboy: ":Well, the feeder routes have been disabled anyway.:"
Spyboy: ":They're currently being blocked.:"
Spyboy: "[Spyboy to Elles. Think you can plant some additional farms on the structure before launch without causing a catastrophic failure?]"
Tahoma: ":What, all of them?:" Tahoma blinks. ":When you say 'blocked', you mean blocked-blocked, as in any more will back up an' soon be visible topside?:"
Spyboy: ":Definitely that.:"
Elles: "[Possible, although there are new instabilities that must be fixed before the farms would last.]"
Tahoma's eyes get a bit larger. ":But…then they'll see what's been goin' on. An' they're all whipped up t' fight…:"
Spyboy: "[New as in existing, or new as in the farms would require additional reinforcement?]"
Elles: "[New as in recently created.]"
Spyboy: ":That's okay. I'm sure they'll fall in with Zinda. After all, she's the one who climbed out of the death-pipes with a laser pistol in her teeth.:"
The lights flicker and the floor shakes as explosions sound in the distance.
Spyboy: "[Internal or external cause? Do you need help?]"
Elles: "[As in the farms would fail to survive.]"
Elles: "[Internal, and headed your way.]"
Spyboy: "[Got it. Thank you, Elles.]"
Tahoma: ":Who's Zinda?:"
Spyboy: "Update from the tech-backer, Admiral. They're heading this way."
Spyboy lets the smile drain from his face and looks at Tahoma squarely on.
Spyboy: ":Oh, you know who Zinda is. You just don't know her name. I know you remember her.:"
[OOC] WC GM: Yes, the poor innocent lago dared to ask that question.
Abraham: "I see."
Spyboy: "And apparently the glorious revolution is causing some…faults that need to be corrected before launch."
Spyboy: "I think we might want to go head them off before we make it any worse."
[OOC] Spyboy: About how many Lagos are left in the cafeteria?
[OOC] WC GM: A dozen or so.
Abraham nods. "Are we done here then?" he asks gesturing to the un-stunned Lagos.
Spyboy: "I'm good. Is there anything you want me to ask them?"
Abraham: "Nope. Nothing comes to mind."
Spyboy: "Scare 'em off?"
Tahoma: ":Can I have my knife back? It's my badge of office.:"
Spyboy shrugs
Spyboy: "Boss, he wants his knife back."
Spyboy: "Your choice."
Abraham shrugs and returns the blade.
Spyboy: ":So, I guess the mob's headed this way with your blood on their minds.:"
Tahoma pockets it and looks more at ease. ":Not just ours. If I guess right, that rabble's going to want to kill everyone on this level, and everyone below who's wearin' a uniform.:"
Tahoma: ":I'm guessing you want to stop them? You'll have to find a way to speak to all of them at once.:"
Spyboy: ":Oh?:"
Tahoma: ":Yeah. You ever try addressin' several million? Here's a hint: just shoutin' won't cut it.:"
Tahoma: ":They musta' found some way to organize, if they're strikin' this quickly. Maybe they got radio or somethin'.:"
Tahoma: ":Don't suppose you got any experience with that?:"
[OOC] Metis: Memetic virus?
Spyboy: ":….You could say that.:"
[OOC] Abraham: Also Zinda's fault, no doubt.
Spyboy: ":That said, seeing as how us talking them out of killing you is basically the only way you'll live…:"
[OOC] WC GM: Nah, just standard broadcast organizing. Abraham heard it happen, even if he didn't know the words.
Spyboy: "[Watch my back. I don't trust them.]"
Spyboy moves in to the remains of the console and plugs his neucomp in.
Spyboy mutters balefully in terran about backwards hick hardwired…
Elles: "[Unfortunately I do not have access to cameras with line of sight to your back, other than Heggy's which are currently aimed at your-]"
There must be some interference or something coming from Heggy briefly, because the end of Elles's statement is masked.
The console is, indeed, kaput and can no longer provide useful interface.
Abraham: "Spyboy? Are you unwell? Your face is flushed."
Spyboy: "Don't know what you're talking about, sir."
Spyboy shrugs. Apparently his laser wasn't modulated well enough to establish a secure connection. Still, if it was hardwired in, then the wires still exist.
Spyboy kicks through the console to the other side.
Abraham lets it drop.
Pulling the wires from behind the console, Spyboy soon connects to a command and control system that has been thrown into chaos. Many of the "recruiting stations" were simultaneous ground zeroes for revelation of the deception leading to armed revolt; one of them apparently guessed that the others would be experiencing the same things, and so radioed them to form a larger army.
The lowest level is basically lost; the army is now pressing through the middle on multiple fronts, with no apparent strategy other than what Tahoma said: kill anyone perceived to be an enemy. The revolution is quite bloody.
At this point, individual armed units are in self-protection, and more than one are shucking their uniforms just so the war will pass them by.
Spyboy starts a frequency sweep for one that the rebs may be using.
It is unclear if there is a central leader who can be confronted, on either side.
Spyboy quickly finds the radio frequency Abraham has been monitoring.
The broadcast is part propaganda, part orders, but mainly a makeshift news broadcast where reporters from all over are taking turns saying what is going on and what is desired.
Spyboy listens for Word of Zinda.
[OOC] WC GM: I said I might take inspiration from - that's kind of what's happening now. The first part, at least.
There is no immediate mention of Zinda on the broadcast. Then again, the current broadcast focuses on sectors of the Warrens somewhat removed from where Spyboy knows Zinda infiltrated. It will be a bit before her sector gets the focus again.
Spyboy: "Admiral? What's your plan?"
Abraham: "What are they saying on the radio?"
Abraham: "Actually, belay that. It doesn't really matter. Figure out where they are broadcasting from and we tell them to broadcast a cease fire."
Spyboy: "Lots of status updates, propaganda…"
Spyboy: "And they're broadcasting from everywhere."
Spyboy: "I can try, sir."
Spyboy: ":This is Lieutenant Michael Pearson from the Confederation Evacuation Team.:"
The broadcast quiets down to let Michael speak.
Spyboy: ":We have a plan to evacuate the facility. But it needs the walls intact, please.:"
Lagos: ":Paint the walls red but leave 'em free of bullet holes.:" ":Is that why the Shaft left?:" ":Oh! So he means external sectors only - try to corral your targets away from the outer walls.:"
Spyboy: "I've told them we want the walls intact. Anything else?"
Abraham: "Ideally ask them for a temporary cease fire. The evacuation will go smoother without a civil war."
Spyboy: ":Also if you can take your targets alive, it would be very useful for later trials.:"
Spyboy: ":Besides, I wouldn't put it past them to put other people in their uniforms so that you kill your friends without realizing it. Wouldn't be the first time.:"
Spyboy: ":Sick bastards.:"
[OOC] Spyboy: Any response on the nets?
[OOC] WC GM: Typing it up.
[OOC] WC GM: Assuming you mean the radio?
[OOC] Spyboy: Yeah.
Lagos: ":What trials? They die.:" ":I've seen 'em taking off their uniforms. Everyone's got to know by now that putting one on is a death sentence.:" ":What if some people haven't got the word yet?:" ":Down with the old order! If they want to keep us down here, they can die here but we go on.:"
[OOC] Metis: This is why we can't have nice things.
[OOC] Abraham: No. You're thinking of Zinda.
[OOC] Abraham: BRB
Spyboy: ":Evacuation would go a lot smoother without a civil war on.:"
[OOC] Abraham: Back
Lagos: ":This just in: Confederation urges us to finish slaying the oppressors quickly.:" ":You heard him! Pick up the pace!:" ":How will we know when we're done? When every last fatbunny lies dead at our feet.:"
Lago: ":How long until the evacuation?:"
Spyboy: ":…From what my bosses tell me, that depends. We have a bunch of repairs that we need to get done real quick.:"
Spyboy: ":We can't get them done until the fighting's stopped.:"
Spyboy: ":So if you and the fatbunnies agree to not kill each other for now, then we can get started and evac very, very soon indeed.:"
Spyboy: ":But the longer the fighting goes on, the more repairs we have to do…:"
Lagos: ":The fatbunnies tricked us into being slaughtered! There can be no forgiveness!:" ":They've kept us down all our lives. Why should we let them taste freedom?:" ":What if we just, you know, stayed away from the outer walls? You said you're doing something out there.:"
Spyboy: ":You want to know why we should let them taste freedom?:"
Spyboy: ":Because the Confederation will lock them in a very small cage for a very long time. And that will hurt so much more when they've had a chance to taste what they could have had…but gave up.:"
Spyboy rolled up 4dF: + - - + (Base: 6 Total: 6) (Charm)
There is no immediate response, though the distant explosions soon quiet down. Then, eventually, one voice: ":How long do you need, if we just captured them, no more killing?:"
Spyboy: "[Elles, estimated time till launch-worthiness?]"
Elles: "[Calculating…]"
The entire structure begins to vibrate.
Spyboy launches the fighters into orbit.
Spyboy: ":Not very long at all.:"
Elles: "[Zero.]"

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