Session 6 3

[OOC] WC GM: For note: is a rough map of the asteroid you've boarded. Zinda and Spyboy start off in Middle Hangar; Abraham and Ingenue are just now landing at Outer Hangar.
Zinda and Spyboy are pinned down by Crest security robots.
[OOC] Ingenue: Each block area as a single zone?
Spyboy Pearson: "This is all your fault."
[OOC] WC GM: Yeah.
[OOC] Abraham: Yes! Don't wait, blame Zinda now.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Combat or roleplay?
[OOC] WC GM: The black is solid walls. I would not be surprised if the map changes before we're done.
[OOC] WC GM: Roleplay for now, unless you want to go combat?
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: What, you think WingedCat is playing?
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Hmm. RP it is.
Zinda Tegram: "This design…"
[OOC] Abraham: Can we (the two groups) see each other, or are there walls between us?
Zinda Tegram: "Huh, looks like a copy of the old PRA designs."
When Spyboy and Zinda arrived, all seemed quiet and abandoned. A few half-complete possibly-fighters were (and still are) in the innermost part of the hangar. But after taking a few steps in, robots practically melted out of the walls and opened fire. Fortunately there were scraps to take cover behind.
[OOC] WC GM: You can see each other.
Spyboy Pearson: "[Ingenue, could you ask Abraham to take care of these robots for us?]"
Unfortunately, there is no artificial gravity. Not so unfortunately for Zinda.
Zinda Tegram: "Hmmph…"
Ingenue: "Admiral, Michael wishes for you to 'take care' of the robots."
Short-range scans of the asteroid gave a rough map of the insides - including what appears to be an ancient-design, unshielded nuclear fission reactor to one side, including its own fuel processing facility.
Zinda Tegram clicks her boarding torch off of her her belt and pushes out of from behind the storage bins she dove behind, propelling herself at one of the half-finished fighters.
[OOC] WC GM: Agility check
Zinda Tegram rolled up 4dF: 0 - - 0 (Base: 2 Total: 0) (Micro-G to place "Omni-directional cover" on self)
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: …tag to reroll.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Private army.
Zinda Tegram rolled up 4dF: 0 0 - 0 (Base: 2 Total: 1)
Abraham looks down the hanger at the robots. "Well, I'll do what I can." He takes aim and fires at a nearby oil container, spraying the robots with thick ooze ((Energy Weapons Maneuver to add "Blinded by Oil" to the robots.))
WC GM rolled up 4dF: 0 0 0 + (Base: 4 Total: 5) (Energy Weapons to pin Zinda down)
Zinda is forced to duck back behind cover, as a flurry of plasma sprays through where she wanted to go.
Abraham rolled up 4dF: - + + 0 (Base: 3 Total: 4) (Energy Weapons Maneuver to place "Blinded by oil" on the robots.)
Zinda Tegram: "Hehe…"
Zinda Tegram: "It's always the hangar…"
WC GM rolled up 4dF: + - 0 - (Base: 4 Total: 3) (Stamina)
Spyboy Pearson blasts at the robots with his energy pistol.
Ingenue activates its sensor suite, attempting to analyze the schematics of the Crest robots. ((Engineering? Alertness? ….archeology?))
Spyboy Pearson then pauses.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: So they used their action to oppose me or put an aspect down?
Although there is no oxygen - indeed, no air - in here, Abraham's shot breaches an oxygen canister as well as an oil, causing enough of a flash to distract the robots.
[OOC] WC GM: That roll was a defense roll. They haven't acted yet.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Ah, OK.
[OOC] WC GM: Or - hmm, okay, yeah, they did use their action to put down covering fire, let's say.
[OOC] WC GM: Ingenue: Archaeology would actually fit, if you want, at a bonus for having certain readily available comparisons.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: OK, so I'm in pinned inside the incomplete fighter.
Spyboy Pearson pulls out his computer, ties into Rabbit's Revenge, and waits for a response as his EW suite sends out a few querying pulses.
[OOC] Abraham: BRB
Spyboy Pearson only sends out a few. Million.
[OOC] WC GM: Actually you're in scraps and partial systems. The incomplete fighters are in Inner Hanger.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: That's fine then. Long as it eats bullet and not me.
Ingenue rolled up 4dF: + - - - (Base: 5 Total: 3) ((Archeology, to assess Crest robots))
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Communications 5, data attack on the robots
Spyboy Pearson rolled up 4dF: - + - + (Base: 5 Total: 5)
[OOC] Ingenue: FP for +2 through 'Humanoid, but not human'; understanding robot schematics is easier for a robot.
[OOC] Ingenue: Total 5.
WC GM rolled up 1dF: - (Base: Bureaucracy Total: -1) (resisting data attack)
Between Ingenue and Spyboy, it is quickly determined that these are ripoffs of known Oldziey security robot designs, with known architectural weaknesses. It is but a minute's work before their processors - such as they are - are tricked into an unexitable loop, essentially shutting the robots down for good.
Spyboy Pearson: "Looks like Oldziey designs."
[OOC] Abraham: Back.
Spyboy Pearson: "Blame of Zinda stands."
Zinda Tegram pushes herself out of the guys.
Zinda Tegram: "Hmmph. Typical hangar defense really. Didn't expect them to be active."
Spyboy Pearson: "All clear."
Heggy: "Finally."
Zinda Tegram: "Though, since they are, I think we should go disable power generation."
Heggy gets out of the Rabbit's Revenge.
Abraham makes my way to Spyboy and Zinda.
Zinda Tegram carefully makes her way to the left-center of the hangar.
Abraham: "Everyone all right?"
Zinda Tegram: "There should be a fission plant on the other side of this wall."
Ingenue: "Zinda is not to blame."
Abraham: "Depends. What are we blaming her for now?"
Ingenue crosses to Inner Hangar. "All systems functioning within acceptable parameters."
Zinda Tegram: "Aww, thanks honey."
Zinda Tegram: "If the hangar defense jumped us, it means we were expected."
Zinda Tegram: "So, we should stop taking the path in front of us."
Abraham: "Or we tripped an alarm."
Zinda Tegram clicks on her torch and tests the walls.
Ingenue easily detects a spike in radioactive decay counts from up ahead on the left. The refineries themselves should be safe for biological creatures, but beyond that…
Spyboy Pearson points to the door. "According the the schematics that's a side access."
The walls are standard asteroid silicate rock. Zinda's torch evolved from mining torches used to carve up asteroids for over a century.
Ingenue: "There may be difficulties for organic creatures further into the asteroid. Please ensure that your pressure suits are properly sealed against radiation spikes."
Zinda Tegram: "Hey, uh, you guys might wanna climb in your fighters."
Zinda Tegram: "This entire hangar is gonna get flooded with radiation when I'm done here."
Zinda Tegram walks back to the Sterne Lanze and fishes the rad suit she made Karlt wear out.
Ingenue: "After which, it would be appropriate to blame Zinda."
Zinda Tegram: "Ehehehe…"
Abraham: "As I've said before, I've decided not to wait anymore."
Abraham does examine the integrity of his suit's seal.
Zinda Tegram: "Well then, everyone ready?"
Ingenue: "Ready!"
[OOC] WC GM: So I mentioned a belief that this map would not still be correct by session's end, yes?
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Yep!
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: You guessed my first move, hehe.
[OOC] Abraham: Bah. Maps just get in the way of getting lost. And really, who doesn't want to party on The Island?
[OOC] Ingenue: Depends which The Island.
[OOC] Abraham: The The Island.
Spyboy Pearson: "So, Zinda."
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: From here we dig from the power plant to transfer 1, and then to the control cabin.
[OOC] Ingenue: Do we have a schematic of the area, roughly equivalent to the zone map? Or are we getting that as we move further in?
Zinda Tegram: "Alright, let's go."
Spyboy Pearson: "Are you under the impression that we will be able to take our fighters through the hole you're digging?"
Zinda Tegram: "You don't have rad suits?"
Zinda Tegram pauses.
Zinda Tegram: "That stuff is just standard for boarding ops, I thought…"
Zinda Tegram shakes her head. Confed…
Ingenue: "This unit is fully shielded."
Spyboy Pearson: "Why would they be? Only crazy people use fissionables."
[OOC] WC GM: You have a schematic of the area, provided from your fighters' sensors before you docked.
[OOC] WC GM: Spyboy's fighter's sensors, anyway.
Abraham: "Well, this suit protects me from the normal background radiation of space, but I suspect you're not talking about that."
[OOC] WC GM: It's not super-precise - in fact, the crude map is about what you have IC.
Zinda Tegram: "I think I have some spares. Uh…"
Zinda Tegram: "Metis, be a dear and check my luggage will you?"
Spyboy Pearson: "Though to be fair there's the time aspect to consider as well."
Ingenue examines Zinda's storage for extra rad suits for the unprepared.
Spyboy Pearson: "How fast can you dig through asteroid? I mean, I'm pretty sure it'd be faster for us to walk, even if we have to fight our way through security or more robots, than to drill a tunnel through a uranium refinery without a TBM. Or with a TBM, even."
Zinda Tegram: "…Heh, just watch me."
Spyboy Pearson: "….Why would I start now."
[OOC] Abraham: "…so wait…you've been deliberately turning your back to Zinda so you wouldn't be able to watch her?! And that would be…because…?"
While Zinda's fighter does not have spare suits, Abraham's ship does happen to have spares just in case - designed to fit on over standard Confed pressure suits, even.
Zinda Tegram: "Huh, I could have sworn…"
Abraham: "Okay, I do have suit for everyone except for Metis who doesn't need one."
Abraham hands Spyboy a suit.
Spyboy Pearson suits up.
A further analysis shows that the Sterne Lanze used to have spares; these were among the things damaged in a certain crash, but low enough priority to have not been replaced yet.
Zinda Tegram purses her lips a bit as she remembers.
Zinda Tegram: "Let's just go."
Zinda Tegram starts cutting through to the power plant, cutting more gently as she expects to be seeing the metal lining of the walls.
[OOC] WC GM: Demolitions check
[OOC] Abraham: So does Zinda need a suit as well? Or does she have one? Or is her being a Pamela Isely expy make her radiation immune?
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: She already had one on.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: It was spares she was lacking.
[OOC] Abraham: Okay then.
[OOC] Ingenue: Plants are definitely affected by excess rads.
[OOC] Abraham: But in different enough ways than humans are that I wanted to check.
[OOC] WC GM: Demolitions check from Zinda, please?
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: K.
Zinda Tegram rolled up 4dF: - - 0 0 (Base: 5 Total: 3) ((Demolitions, Abraham's private army.))
[OOC] Abraham: Chessa: "No boom today. Boom tomorrow. There is always a boom tomorrow."
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Pout.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Zinda has a suit, she got it earlier.
The technique is as ancient as the torch's heritage: cut a cone, use the new access to cut a cylinder as wide as the torch can reach, repeat. Slowly but surely, Zinda is a one-person tunnel boring machine, at speeds barely dreamt of in the age of mere tunnel grinders.
Zinda Tegram: "Satisfied, Michael?"
She clears half a meter per minute, and that is without any special equipment save her torch. It helps that the solid rock presents virtually no resistance, unlike modern composite metals.
Spyboy Pearson: "Maybe."
Abraham: "Of course, the real question is, 'can she plow a field.'."
It takes several minutes to cut a bypass from the Inner Hangar directly to the Fission Power Plant.
Zinda Tegram stops at the metal lining and pulls a breaching charge from her pack.
Zinda Tegram: "$Clear!$"
Zinda Tegram sticks it on the wall, pulls a sensor ball off her belt, and runs back to the tunnel entrance.
Zinda Tegram presses the detonator, waits for the boom, and then throws a baseball pitch into the smoke.
The thin metal wall proves no contest. Sure enough, radioactives SPIKE before the smoke clears, as measured by all the suits' scanners. This is the first time any have seen a fission power plant with their own eyes - a simple enough design, though: concentrated radionuclides emit heat, which is transferred to thermoelectric couplings, from which electricity flows to the rest of the station.
The only machinery is in manipulating the fuel pellets to keep the reaction generating enough heat to convert to power while not melting the whole works down, removing spent pellets for reprocessing, and inserting new pellets in their place.
These robotics also monitor each other for radioactive-induced malfunction, replacing one another from spares as needed.
It would be simple to shield the works for the safety of organic life, but the simplistic design and marks of slightly-shoddy craftsmanship reek of "could not be bothered" .
Heggy sniffs through her rad suit.
Heggy: "A reactor should be more elegant."
[OOC] Abraham: Oh! THIS is where they make their toothpaste. I get it now!
Ingenue processes the schematic of the reactor, storing it away in the file marked 'useful things'.
Abraham does some quick math comparing the expected output of this reactor with what he's seen thus far of the facility's energy requirements.
[OOC] Abraham: Science or autosuccess?
[OOC] WC GM: Autosuccess
This reactor is enough for this asteroid, and perhaps a little extra for export, but by no means is this a main or even secondary plant for the entire complex. Perhaps tertiary.
Abraham: "I think we can expect more fusion plants, hopefully ones that do not shame their designers."
Zinda Tegram: "Huh…"
Zinda Tegram: "Damn was hoping to shoot the facility in the heart. Welp, let's disable her."
Spyboy Pearson: "Could we wait till we get to the control cabin?"
Zinda Tegram looks for the manual override on the control rods.
Spyboy Pearson: "It's a lot harder to steal the memory when it's offline."
Zinda Tegram: "These facilities usually have a battery to keep C3 running during an attack."
Spyboy Pearson: "Yeah, well, so far Crest has NOT impressed me with their design skills."
There is no manual override, nor any control rods. Though it would be trivial to just shoot the core out.
Abraham: "Spyboy, I have underestimated your gift for understatement."
[OOC] Ingenue: …no control rods?
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Pebble-bed design. Doesn't need them.
[OOC] WC GM: None. It's closer to pebble bed designs.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Well, alright.
Zinda Tegram attaches a charge to the core.
Zinda Tegram: "If we need to, we can blow it later."
Zinda Tegram: "Let's move.
Zinda Tegram heads to other side of the plant chamber and resumes tunneling, moving towards transfer 1.
The charge will malfunction, likely within the hour, if not detonated before then. It is impossible to predict if that will take the form of premature detonation or making detonation more difficult.
[OOC] WC GM: Autopass on Demolitions + Engineering to determine what being that close to a fission core for a while does to electronics.
It will take at least 20 minutes to drill a tunnel from the Fission Power Plant to Transfer 1, bypassing the Mine Cavern and the Radioactives Transfer.
[OOC] Abraham: I was actually going to comment on that, but I decided 'meh. future. they'll have thought of that'. Of course, now I realize that Zinda's explosives were made with the same love care and attention to detail as Crest's reactors.
[OOC] WC GM: There are also certain things that even future can't take care of - especially if future has largely moved on to more concentrated/cheaper/etc. power sources.
At least more security robots are not following. 25 minutes later, the party is at the wall to a transfer tube leading to the next asteroid.
Abraham: "Okay yeah, that last reactor was juuust about enough to run that one asteroid. There will definitely be another one there."
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Alright. And from here…
Zinda Tegram immediately sets to work on the wall leading to the control cabin.
[OOC] WC GM: But before that…
[OOC] Abraham: And before that…BRB
Upon breaching the transfer tube, the party sees active shipment of - mostly raw rock, with a few assorted parts. Recognizably, the parts of the incomplete fighter seem to be being shipped out.
Zinda Tegram: "$Interesting…$"
Power cables are strung along the tube. Ingenue (and anyone else with appropriate sensors) can see electricity flowing down it, from the surrounding fields. These wires easily have enough capacity to power the asteroid if that one reactor is taken out, assuming sufficient spare capacity at the other end.
Zinda Tegram grins. "Well."
Zinda Tegram slices the power lines.
The electricity stops.
Almost immediately, metal feet can be heard on metal walls from the Mine Cavern.
Probably magnetized metal feet, as there is still no artificial gravity.
Ingenue reallocates processing power towards sonar sweep of mine cavern area for further details.
Incoming security robots. Most likely, they just figured out where the party is.
…and they've been getting reinforcements while the party has been tunneling.
Zinda Tegram: "Cute."
Zinda Tegram presses the detonator she set earlier.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Detonator for the charge she set earlier I mean
WC GM rolled up 1d10: 4 (4)
There is an explosion. The lights flicker briefly, but things keep going.
…there must be another power source. Perhaps the other two transfer tubes as well?
Zinda Tegram climbs onto the outside of the transfer tunnel and pushes off, intending to anchor herself with her torch on the rock.
[OOC] WC GM: So, breaching another hole to the outside?
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Yeah.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: No real use in fighting them.
[OOC] Ingenue: brb
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Aside from the fact that they're between you and the Stern Lanz now.
Zinda is now outside, on the rough surface of the asteroid.
Zinda Tegram: (
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: The Sterne Lanze'll be fine.
[OOC] Abraham: Back, just in time for Zinda to blow more stuff up. Events transpire as I have foreseen them.
[OOC] Ingenue: back
[OOC] WC GM: What is everyone else doing?
Spyboy Pearson is covering the end of the tube. He's not nearly so sanguine about robots vis-a-vis the group's exit.
Ingenue follows Zinda. How else can an AI keep optics on her?
Abraham is considering the possibilities for deactivating the magnetism of the robots. After all, if they're magnetized, that implies they are not set up for 0-G combat.))
The robots' magnetism is powered by the robots themselves, unfortunately.
That said, it would restrict them to the walls.
And only metal-walled areas.
[OOC] Abraham: the robots are bipedal, yes? Not wheels or tracks?
[OOC] WC GM: Yes
[OOC] WC GM: Almost like full-body remote-piloted drones, in fact.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: You could just sever the bridge
Abraham casts about for a sprayer of some sort. If he can coat the walls with something like oil or some other sludge, maybe retardant foam, then the robots can't go there and they can be funneled.
There are no sprayers in this tunnel. There might be in more manufacturing-oriented parts of the asteroid.
The robots begin to emerge into the tube.
[OOC] WC GM: Spyboy, you're up!
Spyboy Pearson begins targeting weapon systems, letting the robots in front be shields against the robots in back.
Spyboy Pearson rolled up 4dF: + + - - (Base: 6 Total: 6) (Tactics to pick out the best targets)
WC GM rolled up 4dF: - + + + (Base: 0 Total: 2) (Tactics for an unordered mob)
The best targets are those in front. Disable enough robots and the tunnel will be choked.
[OOC] WC GM: Where are Zinda and Ingenue headed, over the outside of the asteroid? And is Abraham going elsewhere in search of a sprayer?
Abraham shrugs off the inconvenience of Crest's inconsiderate lack of foresight in providing convenient sprayers and instead makes due with setting up floating barricades to use as cover and to inhibit the robot's movements. assuming that they are the same make and therefor the same size as the prior lot.
WC GM rolled up 4dF: + 0 0 + (Base: 4 Total: 6) (Energy Weapons)
[OOC] WC GM: Agility, or other appropriate dodge/block, from Spyboy and Abraham
The robots begin opening fire.
Spyboy Pearson picks the best cover he can.
Spyboy Pearson rolled up 4dF: - + + + (Base: 3 Total: 5) (Engineering to take shelter)
Abraham rolled up 4dF: 0 0 + - (Base: 3 Total: 3) (Agility to not die.)
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Zinda's just gonna dig into the control room.
[OOC] Abraham: I KNEW IT! Zinda was really Elles all along. All she's doing is digging!
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: >_<
[OOC] Ingenue: And teaching Metis how to dig. Don't forget that.
Spyboy and Abraham are hit! Their suits are not punctured, but they can't take much more - and if they are punctured while in vacuum like this (let alone near radation), there will be Problems(TM).
Abraham: "Oh that could be problematic."
Abraham: "You still with us, Spyboy?"
Digging into the control room is a simple task, though it does take a minute.
Spyboy Pearson: "Yep, though I've got a suit breach."
Zinda Tegram: "I'm into the control room. And…you what!?"
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Stress damage paid with mild consequence 'suit breach,' I suppose?
Zinda Tegram: "Crap. Lemme get you a bridge into their system spyboy, so you can slice this."
[OOC] WC GM: Eh, you only had 1 stress.
[OOC] WC GM: And suit breach = dying, given the circumstances, unless it's patched.
[OOC] Abraham: Yeah, that's not even at the 'daughter is old enough to date' level yet.
[OOC] WC GM: Let's say it's a patchable one.
[OOC] Ingenue: Do try not to die while Zinda is doing her Elles impression.
[OOC] Abraham: It's on my To Do list.
[OOC] WC GM: So…one more round then they're through? Though what's Ingenue doing?
[OOC] WC GM: And what are Spyboy and Abraham doing now that they've been hit?
Spyboy Pearson huddles behind cover and grabs the patch kit.
[OOC] Ingenue: Studying Zinda, and paying attention to the comms to see if the rest of the crew are busy dying.
Abraham groans and float behind the one barricade had managed to set up before getting shot.
WC GM rolled up 4dF: + - + 0 (Base: 4 Total: 5) (Energy Weapons)
[OOC] WC GM: Roll to counter; you've each got a free-tag "Behind Cover".
Spyboy Pearson slides to the part of cover that seems to be taking the least damage.
Abraham rolled up 4dF: 0 + + + (Base: 5 Total: 8) (Alertness to defend. This time he saw them coming.)
Spyboy Pearson rolled up 4dF: + - - 0 (Base: 5 Total: 4) (Engineering + 'behind cover')
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Pay-tagging 'We've gotten out of worse scrapes than this'
The cover holds…for the moment, though the hail of incoming fire whittles it down…
Meanwhile, Zinda breaks through and finds - an unoccupied room with a few computers, and exposed data cables leading to Transfer 3. Close inspection reveals a series of very-short-range wireless transceivers.
[OOC] Abraham: How many robots? Or are they a singular hoard?
[OOC] WC GM: Singular horde.
[OOC] WC GM: Next actions, everyone?
Abraham shoot out one of the barriers he set up, causing it to explode into a cloud of splinters and dust, obscuring them from the robot's view. ((Energy weapons maneuver to place 'Dust Cloud' on the robots))
Abraham rolled up 4dF: + - + 0 (Base: 3 Total: 4) (Energy Weapons Maneuver to place 'Dust Cloud' on the robots.)
WC GM rolled up 4dF: - + 0 + (Base: 0 Total: 1) (Tactics 0 to see it coming)
They did not see it coming.
Spyboy Pearson glances at Ingenue's data feed
Ingenue: "Should these be turned off now?"
Spyboy Pearson: "I got an idea, sir!"
Spyboy Pearson: "[Yes! I think they're control relays!]"
Abraham: "Okay, that should, ironically enough, give us some breathing space. What's your idea?"
Spyboy Pearson: "Ingenue's got the same idea!"
Abraham: "That's not an answer Spyboy."
Ingenue: "[Should they be permanently deactivated, or do you want them to still function?]"
Spyboy Pearson gives them some more cover in the form of the robots in the front.
Spyboy Pearson rolled up 4dF: 0 + 0 - (Base: 6 Total: 6) (Tactics to pick targets.)
[OOC] WC GM: No need - the same target choices remain valid.
[OOC] WC GM: You'll have to enhance it or act on it.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Translation: no using tactics for shooting without a Stunt =p
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: ……which I have like two in waiting…….
Spyboy Pearson frowns, draws his energy pistol….and lets his predictions guide his aim.
[OOC] WC GM: More to the point, no using tactics for the same analysis action twice nearly in a row. :P
Spyboy Pearson rolled up 4dF: + + 0 + (Base: 6 Total: 9) (Tapping Information - First Principle of Warfare to uncap; using Tactics for Energy Weapons.)
[OOC] Ingenue: Are you using a banked stunt for a dramatically appropriate reveal?
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Yes.
WC GM rolled up 4dF: + + - - (Base: 5 Total: 5) (Agility to not get shot)
Several of the robots up front stop moving. Those behind them crash in.
[OOC] WC GM: Abraham/Zinda/Ingenue?
[OOC] Ingenue: Waiting for Spyboy's response to the 'should the transceivers still work after they're turned off' question.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: I figured that we didn't really have time to give an answer
Abraham: "Out with it man! What idea?!"
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: I know combat rounds are arbitrary length in Diaspora/FATE
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: But that's the same reason I haven't answered Abraham, either
[OOC] Abraham: And now PD has to change his name to Spyman.
Ingenue deactivates the transceivers…gently.
[OOC] Ingenue: Can always kick them later.
[OOC] Ingenue: Roll for it?
Abraham shoots into the cloud at random. ((Energy weapons maneuver to add 'Confusion' to the robots.))
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Hmm.
Abraham rolled up 4dF: - 0 - + (Base: 3 Total: 2) (Energy Weapons maneuver to add 'Confusion' to the robots.)
Abraham shoots…just as the robots stop moving, thanks to Ingenue. Fish. Barrel. The metaphor applies, though more on the "barrel" side in this case.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Letting combat resolve before narrative stuff basically.
[OOC] WC GM: And that's combat resolved.
Spyboy Pearson: "Yeah, Ingenue had the same idea."
Spyboy Pearson: "Odd, though. I wonder why they have to relay their intelligence? Shouldn't local cores be enough?"
Ingenue pulls the frequency for the transceivers to transmit back to Michael, along with other pertinent information about Control.
Abraham pokes his head out from behind cover. "Well, that's taken care of. Nice work."
Ingenue: "[Please transmit status.]"
Zinda Tegram: "You guys done with them yet?"
Spyboy Pearson: "[Scrapes, but nothing we can't take care of now that you've given us some breathing room.]"
Spyboy Pearson: "Sir? Let me give you a buddy check."
Spyboy Pearson looks over Abraham's suit, checking for breaches Abraham may not have patched.
Ingenue: "They are no longer under fire and are within operating parameters."
Abraham: "Right. See anything? I'm not hearing any escaping air…"
Spyboy Pearson: "No, sir, looks like you got them all."
Abraham: "Good good. Thank you."
Zinda Tegram: "Alright. I found a group of, uh, control consoles here in the control room. I dug a hole in from the asteroid exterior if you guys are comfortable spacewalking."
Zinda Tegram dusts off a console and looks around for the "on" switch.
Abraham: "Space walks are not my favorite past time, but I get by."
Spyboy Pearson is not comfortable spacewalking. Fortunately, Heggy is more than willing to give him a tow.
There is no switch, nor any other manual controls. The transceivers were most quickly disabled by unplugging them.
Ingenue searches for standard electronics access ports.
Zinda Tegram proceeds to plug them in.
[OOC] Ingenue: But…wouldn't that…
Sure enough, a few shots chase Abraham, Spyboy, and Heggy out the hole.
Spyboy Pearson: "Shit! Someone must have fixed the robots!"
The robots do not pursue outside, though.
Spyboy Pearson: "Ingenue! Can you find any other transceivers in there?"
Abraham: "I would blame Zinda, but fixing thing is rarely her fault."
Ingenue: "[No, only the same transceivers that are now functioning again. Do you wish them redeactivated?]"
Spyboy Pearson: "YES."
Spyboy Pearson: "They're not chasing us, which means they'll head in towards you. And Zinda."
Ingenue: "Zinda, the Admiral and Michael would like these turned off once more. Is that alright?"
Transceivers aside, the only access port for the computers appears to be the hardwired connection.
[OOC] WC GM: So - does Zinda approve & Ingenue repull the transceivers?
Abraham: "I'd really like those robots dealt with. In your own time, of course, so long as that time is immediately."
[OOC] Ingenue: I think Zinda's holding out for a few more stress on Michael and Abe.
[OOC] WC GM: In any case, what do the spacewalkers do upon reaching the Control Cabin?
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Why would you think that? They're not chasing us - the asteroid doesn't have a magnetic surface. They're coming after you.
Spyboy Pearson shoots the transceivers.
[OOC] Abraham: Bah. I have a resolve of eighty five. I only take stress when I allow myself to take stress.
The transceivers are quickly rendered more permanently offline.
Spyboy Pearson proceeds to chew out Zinda.
There is no sign of robot pursuit.
[OOC] Ingenue: Poor innocent transceivers…never did no one no harm…
Abraham: "Thank you Spyboy."
Spyboy Pearson: "'Thank you for taking care of the robots by unplugging the transceivers, Ingenue!' 'But I like it when my companions are attacked by robots! I'll plug the transceivers back in!'"
Ingenue: "You are welco…you are not actually speaking to me."
Spyboy Pearson frowns
[OOC] Abraham: Oh you won't believe the mean things he saying about you on Twitter.
Spyboy Pearson: "Did I not thank you earlier? I'm sorry."
Spyboy Pearson continues to mutter balefully to himself as he slips an inductance coil around the hardline and links it to his computer.
Spyboy Pearson rolled up 4dF: + 0 + + (Base: 5 Total: 8) (Communications to make the asteroid my something)
Zinda Tegram shrugs. "
Abraham: "Anything yet?"
Zinda Tegram: "They were off when we got there."
Zinda Tegram: "I figured we could get control access."
Spyboy Pearson: "No, Ingenue turned them off when you got there."
Spyboy Pearson: "Try paying attention next time."
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Derp.
Zinda Tegram: "Uh…Oh."
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Yeah, I figured you'd have immediately unplugged them if you hadn't gone AFK immediately after =D
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: More fun this way, though =D
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: xD Yeah
Zinda Tegram: "Well, where do we go from here then?"
The signals traveling down the wire look unfamiliar - but only for a moment. Spyboy has seen cybernetic control signals before, and sees them now.
Zinda Tegram: "We could cut the remaining bridges and isolate the section of the facility."
It is as if someone wired up the whole asteroid like a hand.
Spyboy Pearson: "I recommend leaving your suit here and going for a walk outside….hmmm…."
Spyboy Pearson: "….You know, given Crest's track record, I'm starting to believe that when we get to central control, we're going to find a disembodied brain in a tank."
Spyboy Pearson: "Someone's trying to ride this thing like a cyborg body."
Abraham: "Crest has had a…spotty record…when it comes to bio and cyber technologies."
Spyboy Pearson: "So…legitimate possibility, then."
Abraham: "Extreme, but not impossible…"
Which is about the time grenades start rolling down Transfer 3.
Abraham: "Of course."

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