Session 1 5

And so, our crew is escorted down the perilous pathway of peril and…well, pearls. And murals tastefully etched in steel. And gold here and there. This…is looking decidedly non-perilous.
Valet: "My apologies, but we only have four-bedroom suites. Will that be sufficient?"
Spyboy Pearson: "That would be acceptible."
Hrrin nods assent.
Zinda Tegram stands beside and behind Hrrin and makes no notable gesture.
Valet: "Very good, then." A bit further, and a double-door opens on the right. "The cameras are recording your faces. The doors shall only open when you approach, or you or a registered station officer gives verbal authorization."
Abraham: "That will be fine. Thank you for accomodating us on such short notice."
Valet: "But of course. We were not specifically informed of your arrival, but we had been hoping…"
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Heh. I just remembered guy #6.
Hrrin: "Your suprise is our pleasure, sir."
[OOC] Abraham: He is not a number?
Zinda Tegram stands next to the door and begins waiting for the valet to leave.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Eh, he's a bunny, so it's hard to say for sure.
The suite is possibly the most luxurious that Spyboy, BBBB, and Zinda have seen. Fluffy couches, a stocked wet bar, paintings of beaches in programmable frames, and doors to the rooms beyond.
The valet bows. "If you need anything, just use the intercom." He gestures to a panel next to the door.
Karlt is staying very quiet for the moment.
Valet: "If that will be all?"
Spyboy Pearson: "Yes, for now."
Hrrin: Hrrin glances at her companions. We good?
Valet: "Very good." He leaves, the doors swishing closed behind him.
Zinda Tegram pokes a foot into the door as it closes.
The door halts rather than crush her foot.
Abraham slaps his arm. "Damn bugs. We need to do something about them."
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Does the Valet notice?
[OOC] Abraham: I'm so sublte. :D
[OOC] Abraham: Valet be gone
Spyboy Pearson pulls out his hand-computer and starts running a frequency search.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: He's outside
[OOC] WC GM: The valet is not currently in line of sight. But if you went through the door, he might be.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Dangit, forgot that semicolons break these macros.
[OOC] WC GM: Spyboy, give me a Communications check.
Zinda Tegram gestures to get the groups attention and makes a ssshhh gesture.
[OOC] Abraham: Yes, he's right outside, wearing a pair of headphones.
Spyboy Pearson rolled up 4dF: - 0 0 0 (Base: 3 Total: 2)
[OOC] Abraham: Once Spyboy finds our little insectile friends, he'll sigh and switch to a glass.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Ahhh, Chessa, I missed you so little
[OOC] Abraham: I've seen worse from the Mother of Botches.
B-4: "Posh digs."
There do not seem to be any hidden bugs. The obvious, if subtle and discreet, security cameras, on the other hand…
Abraham: "Yes. It's not surprising that they want to keep it exclusive."
B-4: "Is it okay if I look at the wet bar, or do you think they'll automatically charge us for opening it at all?"
[OOC] WC GM: Is Zinda heading outside?
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: I think she just wanted to make sure the door wasn't locking behind us.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: No, she's holding the door so they don't seal us in. Standing at ease in the middle of the doorway, looking out
Abraham: "Usually it's complementary once you get to this tax bracket, but you never know. Go ahead. If there's a fee, I'll cover you."
B-4: "Nah, I'm not thirsty."
Zinda sees the valet walking away, shaking a bit, muttering to himself.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Wish I'd thought to bug HIM.
Hrrin , on the other hand, helps herself to some ludicriously-overprice bottled water.
Abraham: "All right people, thoughts?"
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Note to self - get microtranscievers next time we are in a place that sells them, like the market on-station.
Zinda Tegram: "Secure our communications."
[OOC] WC GM: Zinda's saying that with the door open?
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Fair. I thought of a better way to do it.
Zinda Tegram pulls a tablet out of the pocket on her flight suit, writes something on it, and calls Abraham over.
Abraham saunters over and reads what she's written.
Fortunately, no one else is in the hallway just now…but anyone could walk by, until Zinda lets the door close.
Hrrin: Hrrin continues to nose about the suite, ears pointed backwards to follow the conversation. "I think…this is an extraordinarily high thread count."
Zinda Tegram: <No talking. Only writing. Get spyboy to hook the security cameras up with a looping image so we can leave, the emissions scans in fly-in should be all we need.>
Abraham waves Spyboy and B4 over to read that.
Zinda Tegram: <We have coordinates, we have proof of illegal weapons, I have confirmation of Oldzien ties. We have what we need.>
Spyboy Pearson meanders over to the tablet and reads.
Zinda Tegram: <I can probably rig one of the asteroid guns up so we can steal it. There's material evidence.>
Spyboy Pearson: <Let me check their network to see if there will be any hitches with that.>
Zinda Tegram nods.
Zinda Tegram: <We need to make sure they don't just, y'know, vent atmosphere on us or something.>
Spyboy Pearson: <Or lock down our ships.>
Spyboy Pearson wanders over to one of the comfortable chairs, sits down, and practically disappears into the cushions.
Abraham: "Actually, it was a long trip, and I know I'm thirsty. If there is a fee, I'll cover drinks for everybody."
Hrrin: "Mm? And what are you lot murmuring about? Our itenerary for this visit?" Hrrin ambles over, and adds her own note. <I'd *awfully* like to know why they're so excited/pleased/suprised to see Mr. Bounty here.>
Abraham goes to the bar and pours mineral water for everyone.
Hrrin: She shoots Abraham a look.
Spyboy Pearson swings around his minicomputer, looking for wireless access nodes.
Zinda Tegram nods. "Yes Ma'am."
Abraham quirks an eyebrow at Hrrin.
The intercom panel appears to double as the local wireless access point.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Do we have user-level access?
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Is it NOT a thin client? : P
[OOC] WC GM: You have guest access.
Hrrin waves Abraham over to the note-tablet.
Abraham brings waters for Hrrin and Zinda.
Abraham reads the notes.
Spyboy's computer blips - a few data files are being offered. Data-only, non-executable, so there is no chance of viruses.
Abraham: "Relax, we are in the lap of luxury. And while they might not have expected us, they have certainly welcomed us."
B-4 brings two glasses over to Pearson's chair and perches on the arm.
Spyboy Pearson sips some water and pulls the data files.
Hrrin: "My 'bodyguard' is awfully paranoid, isn't she?"
Zinda Tegram writes. <I wonder…>
Zinda Tegram: "It's my job, Ma'am."
Hrrin: "Zinda, is hospitality so poor as all that in Olziey?"
[OOC] Abraham: I really wish I'd taken Profession: Actor rather than Profession: Jazz Pianist for this scene.
Zinda Tegram: "Often, Ma'am."
Hrrin chuckles at this. "You have a point. It would be rude, as it were, to leave so soon after we've arrived."
Hrrin: "That second part being my concern, if we just turn right around. We may have to…mingle."
Offered up to the computer: a map of the station, the cafeteria's menu, and a text file titled "For_Spyboy_FYEO" .
Spyboy Pearson pulls up the file. He usually breaches that particular rule where his wife is concerned.
File: "Spyboy, Do I want to know how you got here, bringing Abraham? Stay right there, I'm coming. Act as if we're old friends until I get the damn cameras down. -Wenser"
Spyboy Pearson closes his eyes, thinks for a moment, then closes the file and brings the map up.
Zinda Tegram remains in the doorway, facing outwards.
…oh yeah. One main cannon stretching the length of the place. Not yet complete, thankfully.
Spyboy Pearson heads over to Zinda.
Spyboy Pearson: <Backup? on way>
Abraham continues to pass out drinks and making light conversation.
Zinda Tegram: <Still getting a gun pulled on them.>
Zinda Tegram: <Remaining in character.>
Spyboy Pearson: <You'll recognize him.>
Everything else is mainly reactors and support structure, though there is enough space for luxurious accomodations - crowded near the hangar end.
Zinda Tegram: <Not here I won't.>
Spyboy Pearson heads back over to the chair. B-4 looks like she's getting lonely…
Karlt seems to relax. "Do you do this kind of thing every day?"
Hrrin: "Reassuringly, we don't!"
Abraham: "Reassuringly? I would love if my office were this sumptuous."
Karlt: "So, how long are we staying?"
Spyboy Pearson: "Depends on if we have any visitors. I'd like to walk around the station, though. It seems way more crowded than the rest of…huh."
Abraham: "Oh not too long, I'm sure. I have no doubt our vaction will be cut short by *something*."
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: The station uses artificial gravity?
[OOC] WC GM: Yes.
…oddly, despite using construction techniques like the Cylinder Factory, the artificial gravity and general layout are much more reminiscent of Confederation deckplans…but something seems off.
As if the design goals are neither quite Lago nor Confederation standard.
Abraham looks and tries to offer whatever insight he can.
Hrrin: "Sort of a weird hybrid they've got here."
Hrrin: "Wonder what they're not showing us on the public map."
[OOC] WC GM: Culture rolls, or anything related to identifying creations of other players in the local sector.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Culture/Tech?
[OOC] Hrrin: Ah, thank you, I was trying to figure out what the appropriate dice would be.
Zinda Tegram rolled up 4dF: 0 0 + 0 (Base: 1 Total: 2) (Culture/Tech)
Abraham rolled up 4dF: + 0 + 0 (Base: -1 Total: 1) (Culture/Tech)
[OOC] Abraham: Pretty sure default to a -1 if you don't have the rolled skill.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: A set of very nice rolls, hopefully sufficient
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Aye.
…oh, right. Corporate. That's why the luxury: their higher-ups must come here from time to time. Yep, this is Crest's design, alright.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Tagging aspect: Without a Home. Zinda's had to learn a lot, and quickly.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Oh, not neccesary.
[OOC] WC GM: Eh, I'll allow it - gets you a bit more info.
Hrrin rolled up Culture/TechdF: (Base: -1 Total: -1)
[OOC] Abraham: need a ';'
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Where's station control?
Spyboy Pearson starts looking over the map.
Station control is sensibly buried a bit inside the station.
Not that far from the hangar, though.
Security stations are around, but not even as dense as on the civilian habitats.
There do not seem to be many airlocks, either - spacing is not a concern. It is as if the station designers simply did not conceive of having to repel boarders.
Or perhaps they were relying on the turrets to shoot up any boarding ships before they could land.
Still, seize the control center and there aren't distributed engineering, gunner stations, and other places that could lock out bridge control. Those are all automated.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Always assuming, of course, that this map isn't a big collossal lie.
[OOC] WC GM: But of course.
At about that time, footsteps echo down the hall. Power-walk speed: someone's in a rush while trying to seem not in a rush.
Zinda Tegram unholsters her pistol and points it down the hall.
Abraham puts his hand on his gun, but does not draw it yet.
Around the hall comes a man in a spotless Confederation officer's uniform. Aging, with a shock of still-red hair fringed by gray, but a spark of intelligence in his eye. He sees the gun pointed at him and stops. "…hello, there?"
Zinda Tegram: "Freeze! Name, Occupation, Business?"
Hrrin: "Easy, easy!"
Hrrin: "Tegram, he's a guest."
Zinda Tegram keeps the gun trained on the newcomer.
The man folds his arms. "Admiral Wenser. Here to see me lad Michael; I heard he'd come aboard."
Wenser: "DO put the gun away, please."
Spyboy Pearson: "He's who he says he is, Zinda."
Abraham salutes once Wenser comes into his view.
Spyboy Pearson does, too.
B-4 as well.
Zinda Tegram puts the gun away, and stands at ease beside the door to allow Wenser entry.
Hrrin: "-Admira-?" Yeah, salute. Wait, she's civilian. Whatever.
Wenser salutes Abraham back, then hugs Spyboy. "Michael! Haha, it is you, good to see you!"
Zinda Tegram: "Sorry sir. Tense situation."
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: I hate this guy alerady.
Spyboy Pearson: "Yeah, it's been too long, sir."
Wenser: "So it is, so it is. C'mon, let's get inside and ye can tell me how yer all here!" He steps into the suite, motioning for Zinda to get away from the door.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: I did.
Wenser: "And ye've brought Abraham. THIS'll be a story, no doubt!"
Hrrin: "You should have seen their faces."
Abraham: "They were rather funny."
The door swooshes closed. Wenser looks up at the camera. "But in private, no doubt. Ahem." His friendly manner fades for a moment. "Requesting privacy mode, today's passcode Wabbit Outbweak." He winces a little…but the camera pans down, and Spyboy's computer reports power cut to it.
B-4 is not amused.
Spyboy Pearson: "If there were any doubt that this station is inimnical towards the local inhabitants….."
Abraham: "Well, that choice of passcodes is… telling I think."
Wenser releases Spyboy. "Ahhhgh. Well. I take it you saw that little stunt they pulled on the Rock?"
Spyboy Pearson: "I wondered if that was related, actually."
Zinda Tegram stretches her arms and puts a hand on the back of her bald head.
Wenser: "Yea. They planted it. It's…*supposed* to be harmless, just panic-inducing. I haven't heard of any fatalities."
Zinda Tegram: "Crest I assume?"
Wenser: "Aye."
Zinda Tegram: "I saw some Oldzien emblems in the hanger on the flight in too.
Hrrin snorts. She doesn't think much of anyone who fakes -reactor leak- in a closed environment like that.
Wenser: "An' not just Crest, either…nor all of Crest."
Abraham: "Of course not."
Spyboy Pearson: "Panic-inducing and harmless are rather a contradiction in terms. Especially in crowded areas…or on space stations. Double especially when both are true."
Wenser: "It's a conspiracy." He sighs. "Spyboy, B-4, I was *hoping* by reassigning you I'd keep you clear of it."
Abraham decides that now might not be the time to mention that he owns five shares of Crest stock.
Zinda Tegram sits on a bed. "What's their MO?"
Abraham: "There might not be any fatalities yet, and there might not be any at all, but I'm sure there were injuries at the very least."
[OOC] Hrrin: Only -five- shares? :P
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: They only ever issued twenty.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: ….kidding.
[OOC] Abraham: C'mon, exactly how much tooth paste do you think Abraham needs?
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Oh lawd
[OOC] Hrrin: Assuming Crest is only responsible for toothspace is kind of like assuming Aperture Science is only making shower curtains.
Spyboy Pearson: "Admiral, do you know Mr. Karlt?"
Wenser: "Their MO is…" He frowns. "Less than competent. By the yardsticks I care about, anyway."
[OOC] Abraham: Oh, I admit that some of their sidelines are doing quite well for themselves.
Spyboy Pearson snickers.
Wenser: "Ahh, Karlt. At long last we meet. I'd been wondering who the mysterious investigator was."
Spyboy Pearson: "Going by that map, a platoon of marines could knock this place over like a popsicle stand."
Karlt: "Mysterious? I…w-well, I had been trying to hide my identity-"
Wenser: "You, lad, have five contracts out on you, and they're about to issue a sixth."
Wenser: "For your different aliases, of course."
Abraham: "Congratulations."
Karlt gulps.
Zinda Tegram: "How is station maintenance handled? There's no lower quarters."
Hrrin claps, a little.
Abraham: "Oh don't be like that. It just shows you're doing your job well."
Spyboy Pearson: "Nicely done! The best way of knowing when you're doing a good job is when they start shooting at you."
B-4 clears her throat.
B-4: "Most of us are pacifists, at least to an extent."
Zinda Tegram: "If they're stealing supplies to build this, you'd think they'd not bother with the expenses of automation."
Spyboy Pearson: "Eh, it's space. Automation is cheaper than life support."
Wenser: "Maintenance is all automated. I'm guessing they didn't want to have a lot of laborers they'd have to shoot, *this* time. Don't have the stomach for it."
Spyboy Pearson frowns.
Spyboy Pearson: "The station is rigged to blow, isn't it?"
Hrrin: "Sivar's bloody hands, they've pulled this before?"
Abraham snorts, "No, they just don't have the stomach to pay the legal team it would take to make such an incident go away."
Zinda Tegram: "This time?"
Wenser: "Don't gimme that. I've been to Aldrin. I seen what those bastards did to their own."
Zinda Tegram: "Aldrin? I thought it was empty and access was controlled."
Hrrin: "…Point."
Wenser: "I don't think there's a proper self-destruct on this station, no. Too much of a vulnerability."
Abraham: "You know… since they sabotaged, however beninely, a space habitation station… I'm pretty sure that's a war crime."
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Isn't that tightly controlled info?
[OOC] WC GM: It is.
[OOC] Hrrin: I should redact my line, then.
[OOC] WC GM: Hrrin might have picked up on it - but it'd be suspect.
Wenser gives Hrrin an eye. "…ahh, good. ONE a' ya saw through their lines."
[OOC] Hrrin: …now I need a good reason for her to know. Welp.
Wenser: "The rest o' ya heard o' that Temblor Bomb?"
Wenser: "Was developed in Aldrin. The initial prototypes, anyway."
Abraham: "Oh I'm sure we've all heard *something* about that."
[OOC] Hrrin: …aaaaand there's a good reason.
Hrrin: "It's only the superweapon that ended the Human-Kilrathi war, and all." Her tone is just a little forced lightness.
Zinda Tegram sits. "I suspect Crest might be employing Oldzien pilots too. Their hangar has banners from two of the more active kingdoms."
Wenser: "What they don't tell *most* folk is, they tested th' first one in Aldrin - with most o' the design crew present, 'cause they thought they needed to clamp down information leaks to keep th' contract."
Zinda Tegram: "How'd you find out?"
Wenser: "E'ryone else was 'vacuated from th' planet first. Not that it had many to begin with."
Abraham: "Zinda, define 'active' in this context for me please."
Wenser gives Zinda a look. "Bein' an Admiral gets me *some* access t' info. Investigatin' a sector-wide conspiracy by pretendin' to be backin' it gets me more."
Wenser: "Aaand now ya've done an' brought Abraham inta it." He shakes his head.
Spyboy Pearson: "But what's the point?"
Abraham: "Money, dear boy."
Wenser nods.
Zinda Tegram: "Two of the major drivers of war in Oldziey. If they've gotten together, I'd not be surprised if they attempt to push out of the system."
Zinda Tegram: "Be tough though, there's a deep grudge there."
Wenser: "Conquest, blackmail…I ain't managed to find all their plans. Ain't sure they *'ave* solid plans yet."
Spyboy Pearson: "I mean, sure, large cannon, can't be built except by disguise. Is this the classic supervillain pay me a trillion credits or I blow up the system thing?"
Wenser: "Somethin' like that."
Hrrin: "It does seem….absurdly straightforward."
Abraham: "I hope not. This needs to be based in a volcano lair, or I'm going to be sorely disappointed."
Zinda Tegram: "Unlikely to be that, actually. Where's there's guns there's targets, and this station can't move."
Wenser: "Oh, you'd better believe this ain't their only operation. Jus' their most easily discovered one."
[OOC] Abraham: That's your next job WC, design a supervillain volcano lair IN SPAAAACE!
Wenser looks at Zinda again. "Aye, that's what I cannae figure out."
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: He doesn't have to.
Zinda Tegram: "What targets are available in system? We have Mu-Cephei and the shipyards. Mu-Cephei is a poor target, corporations need markets. The shipyards would bring Sommers and Armstrong down on them."
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: That's what the Illusive Man's Base is.
Zinda Tegram: "We might be in the prototype."
Zinda Tegram: "We could also be in a strategic facility to be used when control of the system becomes relevant."
Abraham: "What kind of gun is this anyway? Is it capeable of indirect fire?"
Zinda Tegram: "Mu-Cephei borders Armstrong yes? Perhaps a strike to a retreating force?"
Zinda Tegram calls to Spyboy "What would it take to aim the cannon at the jump point?"
Wenser: "Direct fire only."
Spyboy Pearson: "You'd have to rotate the whole station."
Zinda Tegram: "So it's facing nothing?"
Wenser: "You mean, wit' gyros?"
Wenser: "They been addin' those this past month. Not on the maps yet."
Spyboy Pearson: "Mmm."
Spyboy Pearson: "Flywheels would be better, thrusters better still…"
Hrrin: "Could be redundant mechanisms."
Zinda Tegram: "Gyros double as recoil compensation."
Hrrin: "Point."
Spyboy Pearson: "Of course they couldn't use a local station for this - it's a lot harder to spin a rotating station, though a cylinder-pair can manage…"
Wenser: "Come t' think of it, they were gonna be testin' the gyros t'day."
Wenser: "I 'eard somethin' about aimin' at nothin'."
Wenser: "What's this place aimed at, anyway?"
Spyboy Pearson: "The starport."
Hrrin: "The Rock."
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Nah, was aimed at the starport on Lago Prime.
Karlt: "…our home."
Abraham: "All right, we have evidence of criminal, and murderous, intent. What do we do about it?"
Spyboy Pearson: "You're sure it was the gyros they were testing, right?"
Spyboy Pearson: "I mean, the map says that the cannon's not complete yet, but you've already said the map's out of date…"
Zinda Tegram: "Leave."
Wenser: "Aye. Why?"
Abraham: "'Leave' was not the answer I was expecting."
Spyboy Pearson: "Because there's only one starport on Lagos Prime that was shielded well enough to survive the daytime, and the station is pointed directly at it - well, at least once per day - which is kinda a stretch of the imagination.
Zinda Tegram: "If we die here the information is useless to us. Every moment we spend on this station is a moment we're at risk of having our atmosphere vented."
Spyboy Pearson: "And given the amount of effort they put into arranging that, I'm a little worried if they're testing the gyros and changing the target."
Zinda Tegram: "If Crest has large scale military ambitions, the killing of two Confederation admirals is useful for them."
Hrrin: "*Two?*"
Spyboy Pearson: "Zinda - keep in mind, if we leave, who do we report to? I would probably route the info to…Admiral Wenser. Who's here anyway."
Zinda Tegram looks at Abraham.
Zinda Tegram: "Am I right?"
Spyboy Pearson stops talking abruptly.
Zinda Tegram looks at Wenser. "Sure looks like one admiral to another."
Abraham: "Afraid not. I'd like to think if I made Admiral, someone would tell me."
Spyboy Pearson starts breathing again.
Wenser: "Ah. Yes, well, about that…"
Zinda Tegram looks at Abraham. "I'm close though. Captain maybe?"
There is a knock at the door.
Zinda Tegram pulls her gun.
Abraham: "Well, I'm not a planetary governor, so yes, captain is closer."
Abraham does pull his gun this time.
Spyboy Pearson raises his eyebrows at B-4, who ducks behind the chair.
Hrrin: "Spyboy, would you be so kind as to get the door?"
Zinda Tegram: "Go away!"
Valet: "My apologies for interrupting, but you installed privacy mode so communications are down."
Abraham: "What's the problem?"
Valet: "Public outcry is not as expected, so the commander wished me to inform you that we shall be going after the Beta Target."
Zinda Tegram: "!"
Valet: "They wish to know if you have any last minute business to conduct through Abraham first."
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: I have it!
Zinda Tegram opens the door.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Pistol pointed at the Valet.
Zinda Tegram pulls the trigger.
Valet: "Very good, madam." He crumples to the floor.
Spyboy Pearson: "Please tell me that was a stunner."
Zinda Tegram: "No. It wasn't. We need to take station control, they're about to shoot the Rock."
Abraham: "I suppose this means that we will not be leaving."
Hrrin: "The Mu Cephei Starport," Hrrin corrects.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Rock was cleared, right?
Zinda Tegram: "The fake radiation leak was to clear the Rock so they can use it as a weapon test."
[OOC] WC GM: Define "cleared".
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Evacuated.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Evacuated.
Wenser: "Radiation?"
Wenser: "That was a biological."
Zinda Tegram points the gun at Wenser. "You're our hostage."
Zinda Tegram: "They value you as a backer."
Abraham: "But we give mineral water to our hostages."
Wenser: "They infected a transport full a' refugees, t' try to whip up sentiment against those still on th' planet."
Zinda Tegram: "Spyboy, navigate."
Hrrin: "So we're storming the control room, is that it?"
Spyboy Pearson pulls up his minicomp and charts a route to the control room.
Abraham: "I've always wanted to conquer a hotel."
Zinda Tegram: (To Wenser) "Walk."
Hrrin: "This one might even be worth bragging rights," Hrrin concurs wryly.
Spyboy Pearson looks over the valet.
Abraham: "Well, it's not exactly undefended I admit."
Hrrin takes a moment to slip the poor bastard inside the suite, at least.
Hrrin: "Anything that happens in the hallway, they might see on camera."
Abraham: "I don't hear any alarms, but they might be silent to not alarm the guests."
Zinda Tegram: "I don't care. First, to the hangar. I have something we might need there."
Spyboy Pearson: "If…if they saw…then security is probably on its way, since we- we- we aren't on lockdown."
Spyboy Pearson looks distinctly pale.
Hrrin: "Can we spare the time? I'd rather not Karlt and B's home get blasted while we're running to the garage, as it were."
Abraham: "Don't worry Spyboy, we
Abraham: 'll just say the crazy Orzy shot him. "
Zinda Tegram: (To the room) "WALK."
[OOC] Abraham: Concetenate those lines.
Spyboy Pearson flicks the route to Zinda.
Wenser is walking.
Zinda Tegram drives Wenser to the hangar.
Spyboy Pearson is keeping an eye out for a network closet.
None are to be seen on the way.
It is a short walk to the hangar. And the locked door thereto. And the flashing red light above it.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: To be expected, with so little maintenance staff, but had to try.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Flashing for vaccuum?
Abraham: "So exactly what are we here for?"
[OOC] WC GM: Yep.
Zinda Tegram: "Pressure suits and firearms."
[OOC] WC GM: That too.
Zinda Tegram: "Hold on."
Abraham: "I see."
Zinda Tegram takes the emergency mask from her flight suit and straps it on.
Spyboy Pearson raises his computer, looking for local nodes and active connections for one he can…well, steal.
Zinda Tegram: "Clear the corridor."
Windows around the door allow visibility into the hangar. The deck is quite retracted.
Spyboy Pearson: "….oh crap."
The glimmer of shield at the space end flickers off.
Spyboy Pearson starts looking for nearby doors that are likely to be airtight.
Hrrin: "…that's vacuum, Zinda."
Zinda Tegram: "See if you can cut Gravity."
Zinda Tegram: "So?"
The windows begin to darken.
Hrrin: "…"
[OOC] WC GM: Engineering checks, anyone?
[OOC] Hrrin: Caaaan do!
Spyboy Pearson rolled up 4dF: 0 0 + 0 (Base: 3 Total: 4) (Engineering)
Zinda Tegram rolled up 4dF: + - 0 + (Base: 1 Total: 2) (Engineering)
Hrrin rolled up 4dF: 0 0 + + (Base: 4 Total: 6) (Engineering)
Abraham rolled up 4dF: 0 0 - 0 (Base: -1 Total: -2) (Engineering)
[OOC] Abraham: I helped!
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: : D
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Heh.
Hrrin: If Zinda's going to be engaging in some sort of damn-fool vacuum-breather Oldzieyian stunt, Hrrin is making damn sure the rest of us will be all right when that seal pops.
Spyboy Pearson: "No time! Control room!"
Hrrin: "…those darkened windows. They're going to fire soon."
Spyboy Pearson about-faces - the control room is…THIS way.
Hrrin: "We can't fuck around with this."
Zinda Tegram nods.
Abraham looks at the control pannel. Yep, those are definitely buttons on that pannel. There maybe also be, and he doesn't want to say definitively, dials and gages as well.
Zinda Tegram: "Open the door then get going, I'll meet back up with you."
Hrrin: "Don't get yourself spaced, 'Vacuum Knight.'"
Spyboy Pearson: "Or blasted."
Spyboy Pearson heads off.
Zinda Tegram pops open the maintenance over-ride and opens the hangar doors.
Yep, that's vacuum in there.
Abraham follows Spyboy
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: …huh. TPK already?
[OOC] WC GM: Agility to not get sucked in.
[OOC] Hrrin: …. welp.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: I thought the party had left.
[OOC] WC GM: If you're waiting until the party leaves, I'll allow it.
[OOC] Abraham: We were about to.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: It's what I was intending to do.
[OOC] WC GM: Zinda, of course, wants to go in?
[OOC] WC GM: Alright.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: I've got the mask, so I can survive depressurization long enough to get my helmet and supply case.
[OOC] Hrrin: That girl be crazy. I like it.
A bulkhead slams shut behind Zinda, separating her from the rest of the party, the moment the door opens.
Spyboy Pearson: "Oh thank God. That girl is crazy."
There is only a moment's pull - the hangar is in full vacuum by now. The drop to the floor is more of a worry, but gravity is powering down - it is at most 0.1 G by now.
Zinda Tegram pushes off into the hangar and drifts over to the Sterne Lanze.
Hrrin: "Oldziey pilots will turn off their ship, park it on an asteroid, wait for their opponent to come by, and blast them with a man-portable rifle."
Hrrin: "Her entire home system is bugshit nuts."
Karlt: "…I…guess." You have rarely seen a Lago this pale before.
Wenser: "Well. Control room, then?"
Spyboy Pearson: "Yeah, but if there hadn't been a bulkhead we would have been fired out of this corridor like shotgun pellets down a coach gun."
Hrrin: "Yes!"
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: That's true.
Abraham: "Not really, we had to do similar exercises in officer's school."
Abraham: "Admiral Wenser, are you armed?"
Spyboy Pearson: "And that is pretty much the FIRST safety measure I've seen on this station."
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Do this over PM?
Even if there had been security present, it is no surprise that no one challenges Zinda's actions.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Or what?
[OOC] WC GM: Nah, we can weave two scenes in here for a bit.
[OOC] Abraham: WC's good a FATE-weaving.
[OOC] Hrrin: O mai.
Zinda Tegram grasps the landing gear for support and keys in the access code.
Wenser: "Unfortunately, no weapons on me. I had thought they would have had tighter security, so I left my sidearms behind."
Abraham: "All right everyone. Spyboy, please direct us to the control room. Everyone else, unless you're armed, please stay in the back. Everyone armed please come with me."
Spyboy Pearson just follows B-4 towards the control room - his primary attention is on his computer, still looking for wireless signals he can hijack.
Zinda is soon enough in her fighter. Apparently, refuelling is already complete - but there is a strong magnetic clamp. They didn't want loose ships getting in the beam's path, perhaps.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Or any nodes that could lead to a comm closet.
Hrrin is armed with a medium-weight legal sidearm.
Spyboy locates occasional wireless signals - guest terminals.
Wenser and Karlt both turn out to be unarmed, and obediently stay in the rear.
Abraham: "Spyboy, how much control over their network do you have? Nornally I wouldn't bother asking, but given how lax their physical security has been thus far…"
Spyboy Pearson is currently unarmed, but B-4 has a small holdout pistol.
Zinda Tegram pulls a large black case and a boarding-torch from behind her mini-fridge.
Spyboy Pearson: "Nothing but guest access so far."
[OOC] Abraham: … that's right where I keep mine. Huh.
Abraham: "Well, how powerful is guest access in this system? Can you… turn off the lights with it?"
Zinda Tegram re-locks the ship and pushes back to the bulk-head.
Spyboy Pearson: "Good question."
Zinda sees a light, at the far end of the hangar.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Case in tow, obviously
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Also my helmet obviously
Spyboy Pearson starts playing with stuff, using the tricks he knows. How much does he have in the way of rights?
Zinda Tegram looks over at the light to see what it is.
[OOC] Abraham: Spyboy finds one page that says, 'run me to get admin rights'.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Nah. Obviously a trap.
[OOC] Abraham: So? A virus might just save lives right now.
Spyboy Pearson looks for a side room with one of those intercom/WAP node thingies.
There is a decidedly sideways acceleration, as Zinda spies…some sort of bright, spotty light, painful to look at directly, growing in size, held in a cavern at the end of the hangar.
Zinda Tegram turns around and closes the airlock door.
[OOC] Abraham: Congratuation, you found a Vorlon.
[OOC] WC GM: Spyboy, Communications check to hack in.
[OOC] Abraham: Don't let it touch you.
Spyboy Pearson rolled up 4dF: 0 + 0 + (Base: 3 Total: 5) (Communications)
[OOC] Hrrin: Niiiice.
[OOC] Abraham: ^
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Your ass is mine, network!
[OOC] WC GM: Zinda: Agility check.
[OOC] Abraham: Chessa loves when people hack /other/ AIs.
Spyboy Pearson: "Heggy, cover me. Everyone else, the control center is down this corridor on the left. Give me a moment to start reading camera feeds. Do you have headsets?"
Zinda Tegram rolled up 4dF: - + - + (Base: 2 Total: 2) (tagging "Born in the Cockpit")
Spyboy finds out that the root password…isn't. Not even "root" ; the good old (old old OLD) "su" command simply…works.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: So 4
Zinda SLAMS the door shut just before the beam fires behind her.
[OOC] Hrrin: ahahaa su
[OOC] Abraham: I guess they're worried about being SUed.
Spyboy Pearson starts running a few routines to parse input and output.
Light pours around Zinda, threatening to etch her shadow into the wall…but only light.
Zinda Tegram gets her laser carbine out of the case and sets her boarding-torch to the bulkhead.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: With the airlock closed the pressure should even out between the airlock vacuum and the space behind the bulkhead, so shouldn't entirely depressurize.
The bulkhead opens up on its own once the door finishes resealing.
Zinda does manage to mar it, though.
Zinda Tegram stores the boarding torch in the case and then broadcasts for directions to Spyboy.
Zinda Tegram gets going on the part of the route she does remember.
Zinda's request pops up on a corner of Spyboy's computer.
Spyboy Pearson: "Good news, team, misfire. Zinda's back on board, sending her directions."
Spyboy Pearson: "These people continue to underwhelm. I found the lock controls for the control room door."
Hrrin: "Misfire?"
And NOW the red lights and sirens sound.
Hrrin: "Oh, of all the times to be happy for corporate incompetence."
Spyboy Pearson: "We have backup on route. Let's take over before they blow up the station."
Abraham: "Right. Point the way Spyboy."
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Just say when I meet up.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: everyone else is headed towards there, yes?
Hrrin: "Pfah. Bet I could self-destruct this place faster than they could."
Zinda Tegram runs down the corridor, case in tow.
The control room is just ahead. Footfalls erupt in many directions.
Abraham: "Given the general level of competence we've seen so far, I agree."
Spyboy Pearson starts running some of the software he developed on those long, lonely flights for managing personnel combat.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: How many foes in the control center?
Zinda Tegram broadcasts location to spyboy, along with the armaments. "Personal anti-ship cannons" are on the list.
Spyboy Pearson sends an AR route to Zinda.
Spyboy access the control center cameras. Counts ten people, nine working on consoles and one fat man barking orders.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Any security?
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Like…at all?
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Hangar was close to Control room yes? I should be close then.
Abraham: "All right, take down the mouth and everyone else will most likely fall in line."
The security would be those footfalls everywhere else. They seem to be setting up to keep any boarders from coming aboard.
Spyboy Pearson: "Mouth is a fat man barking orders. Competence level…low."
Spyboy Pearson: "They're setting up to repel boarders - that shouldn't be a problem, since the boarders are past them."
Hrrin: "Hah." Hrrin's grin is smug and toothy.
Abraham: "Unless there actually /are/ borders to repel, check that please."
Spyboy Pearson: "Not yet, but soon."
Spyboy Pearson: "Like I said, we have backup on the way."
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: We're the boarders.
Spyboy Pearson: "Hopefully they'll be trying to take the station intact."
[OOC] Abraham: We are /possibly/ the borders. I've seen nothing that says there isn't a ship out there.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: I've seen plenty that is.
Spyboy Pearson: "Looks like they hit something else, and that something else is mad. Hurry up, people."
Hrrin: "We can only run as fast as we can run, Pearson!"
The control room door is right ahead - just as Zinda catches up.
Abraham: "Hrrin, when we get there, you go right and cover the mouth, and I'll go left and do the same."
Zinda Tegram kicks the case over and checks the corner behind her with the laser carbine.
Hrrin: "Can do, Bounty."
Zinda Tegram looks at the locked door.
Zinda Tegram gets her boarding torch out of the case and sets to work on the door.
Zinda Tegram: "Cover."
[OOC] Hrrin: You really want to cut a door open, don't you?
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Yep.
Spyboy Pearson: "Don't waste time, Zinda. I'm killing the lock."
Zinda Tegram nods.
[OOC] Abraham: It's probably an aspect. 'Must open every door with a boarding torch.'
Spyboy Pearson deactivates the lock.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: 'If you cut the door open they can't lock it behind you.'
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: I know.
[OOC] Hrrin: This is a running gag, now. Zinda wants to destroy doors.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: BANG BANG
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Indeed. =p
Zinda Tegram: "We need the inside intact?" "
The door whips open. Ten people, not even in uniforms, look up.
Spyboy Pearson: "I think the admiral would prefer witnesses."
The fat order barker snarls. "Hey! We've got a situation here!"
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Armed?
Abraham goes left.
Spyboy Pearson decides to be nice and free the workers of mundane distractions. He kills the monitors.
Zinda Tegram tosses a sleeping gas grenade into the room.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Would of been in the case I reason.
Hrrin goes right…
[OOC] Hrrin: Seems like something you outta spend a Fate point for.
The fat guy has a pistol, but it is holstered. None of the others are armed.
[OOC] Hrrin: Or make an Asset check? Eh. Not fussed.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Oh nevermind then I guess.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Figured they were armed.
Spyboy Pearson: Aside to Heggy: "I could get used to this 'don't have to worry about getting caught' stuff."
B-4: "If only we didn't have to worry about GETTING BLOWN UP."
Spyboy Pearson: "Right, right, sorry."
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Zinda: Why is nobody carrying guns?
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Everybody in Oldziey had them!
Hrrin: Hrrin keeps her weapon appropriately pointed. "You will cease this weapons test."
FatGuy: "Says who?"
Abraham: "Just so. I'm afraid I must place you all under arrest."
Zinda Tegram shoots the air above FatGuy.
Zinda Tegram: "Says me."
Abraham: "And her gun."
Spyboy Pearson: "Whoops! Was that a critical driver required to initiate lazing? Why yes, I think what I just deleted may have been just that!"
Spyboy Pearson did make a backup first, just in case.
Hrrin: "Her gun is scary, by the way."
[OOC] Abraham: It's call evidense
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: That's why I deleted the equivalent of the firing pin, rather than the trigger.
One of the workers, hands in the air, sighs. "Could you PLEASE restore access? I was trying to measure what happened to the jump point."
Zinda Tegram rolled up 4dF: - 0 0 + (Base: 1 Total: 1) (intimidation)
WC GM rolled up 4dF: - - 0 - (Base: 3 Total: 0) (Resolve)
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Oooh, tough call. Only got +1 in Science, but PFFFT
The fat guy backs down.
Zinda Tegram: "Drop the gun."
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Ahem, but Pearson IS a pilot…
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Oh, wait, he's not.
FatGuy: "Alright, alright." He takes his pistol out and drops it.
Abraham goes over to the console. "Please restore access to this console exclusively, if you would."
Spyboy Pearson: Over the intercom: "Alright, you can have your monitors back, but I'm watching you."
Spyboy Pearson turns monitors back on, starting with that one.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: How many reactors does the station have?
The workers get back to work - measuring and detecting communications, mainly.
Hrrin: "What's your name?" Hrrin directs this to Fats.
Zinda Tegram collects the pistol, takes it back to the case, and pulls the case into the room.
The station has six main reactors.
FatGuy: "Fatwa. No jokes, please."
He says this in the tone of one who has heard too many of them.
Hrrin: "I would not be so cruel. I am already pointing a gun at you."
Fatwa: "Thanks."
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: How many would be needed for anything other than life support and gravity?
Worker: "Arming turrets."
Abraham: "So what has happened to the jump point that needs to be measured?"
[OOC] WC GM: Was that supposed to be OOC?
Worker: "Our misfire hit it."
Worker: "SOMEONE opened airlock 5; that threw off calibrations."
Abraham: "I see."
Zinda Tegram: "So we stopped your attack on the Rock?"
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Also, who's ships are on their way?
Worker: "On the Rock? No, we were going to take out an infected ship."
Wenser: "'Infected' my ass."
Worker: "What? They've got a plague."
Wenser: "Which YOU planted there."
Worker: "Wha…?"
Spyboy Pearson: "Uh, oh, looks like the heat's spiking in Reactor 6, better scram that thing!"
Wenser: "Didn'cha know, lad?"
Spyboy Pearson simulates just that.
The worker hops to the requested response.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Actually I was talking to the safeties. I figured they'd handle that.
Fatwa: "Well. If you want to take charge, then YOU get to deal with the People's Republic."
Zinda Tegram sighs.
Zinda Tegram: "So they are involved."
Abraham: "I didn't really think there was any doubt."
Zinda Tegram: "I had hoped."
Hrrin: "Mm? Which ones are those. Refresh my memory."
Zinda Tegram: "And the Grey Kingdoms as well?"
Fatwa: "Of course they are. Bloody ingrates. There's a reason we kept both of 'em out of our critical resources."
Hrrin lets her weapon droop to the floor. "They bankrolling this?"
Fatwa: "Tch. 'Smuggle fighter squadrons in as a security measure.' They were just HOPING something like this would happen."
Fatwa: "This is not my fault!"
Zinda Tegram: "Their Squadrons are here?"
Zinda Tegram: "Fuck!"
Zinda Tegram slams a wall.
Abraham sighs.
Abraham: "Is anyone in this sector /not/ involved in this clusterfuck?"
Fatwa: "They're here, and they're scrambling."
Fatwa: "Shouldn't be long until the Confederation ices them."
Worker: "Actually, uh, sir?"
Fatwa: "WHAT?"
Zinda Tegram: "I doubt the confederation can pull that…"
Worker: "The, err…the Confederation won't be coming in force. The Rock's still on lockdown - it isn't launching anything."
Fatwa: "So? Send for backup through the jump point."
Worker: "That's just it, sir. Umm…we…kindasealedit."
Spyboy Pearson: "Aaaand the jump point is down because someone decided they wanted to shoot a laser at it."
Zinda Tegram grabs Fatwa's shirt collar. "Which. Squadron."
Fatwa: "…"
Abraham: "Of course."
Fatwa: "…Skulls? And Cape, from the Grey Kingdom."
Spyboy Pearson: "Admiral, I don't suppose you have backup readily available?"
Zinda Tegram: "Abraham. I'm going to need a wingmate."
Wenser: "On the Rock. If it is in lockdown…"
Abraham: "Why do I get the feeling /we're/ his backup."
Spyboy Pearson: "And we don't know where Abraham's ship is, either."
Abraham: "Right. Let's go Zinda."
Zinda Tegram: "Fatwa. Put me on comms with Cape."
Abraham: "At this point, I'm going to shelve my morals and steal one."
Spyboy Pearson: "Would you rather control the station?"
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: I have to make the formal challenge.
Hrrin: "Emergency requisition in a time of crisis, 'Lieutentant.'" Hrrin helpfully suggests.
Abraham: "Sure. We'll go with that."
Hrrin laughs into her hand.
[OOC] Abraham: If my ship is /here/…
Spyboy Pearson: "I'd feel more comfortable in my fighter. The sensors are better in it than what they felt was sufficient here."
Hrrin: "I'm used to having more to work with, but I can make do with this in a crisis."
Zinda Tegram looks at Abraham. "We can't take those squadrons with what we have here, but I think I have an idea."
Spyboy Pearson: "Seriously. Was this station even designed by engineers?"
Hrrin: "Students, perhaps."
Abraham: "It was designed by the lowest bidder."
Abraham: "Zinda, you mind telling me your idea?" ((Preferably before you blow the seal and launch us all into vacuum?))
Hrrin: "Now now, superweapons and hotels have completely different needs than space stations."
Spyboy Pearson: "The guns are disguised by camo-netting. RADAR TRANSPARENT CAMO NETTING."
Zinda Tegram: "You'll call me crazy. Just, if it goes well, we should only need to fight two of them."
Fatwa is red and gaping with anger. But the worker speaks up, "Okay, you've got comms to Cape Squadron."
Spyboy Pearson is on the move towards the hangar, btw.
Abraham: "Your sanity has never been in question."
Zinda Tegram: "Cape Leader, This is Zinda Tegram, Knight of the Fifth Order of the Pious Sky, Lance of the Royal Guard of Unending Harvest. I hereby challenge you to single combat for right of conquest of Mu Cephei."
Abraham mutters under his breath, "just it's presence."
Hrrin: Hrrin taps one of the more calm techs, and asks, "Do you have the more detailled map and schematics? I've got a little experience in stations under fire."
Hrrin: "I'd like to know what I've got to defend and repair."
CapeLeader: "Ho ho! Zinda, out here? I'd accept, but the Skulls have already challenged us. The Confeds won't even answer our formal challenge. If they won't, well."
The tech nods, pulling said schematics up for Hrrin to browse.
Abraham mouths to Zinda, "Is it in our best interest to accept their formal challenge?"
Zinda Tegram: "I have a representive of the Confederation. Abraham?"
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Wenser's a better rep.
Hrrin: "What, not the Admiral?"
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Ah, yes. Redact that please?
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Though we may not wish to mention he's here.
[OOC] WC GM: Not in this case.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Oh, Yeah. True.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Ah, gotcha
[OOC] WC GM: Abraham actually is the superior rep.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: He's a black-shoe.
[OOC] Hrrin: Point.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Whereas Abe's brownshoe.
Zinda Tegram looks at Abraham.
Abraham: "On the behalf of the 'Confeds', I accept your challenge."
[OOC] WC GM: Abraham can actually perform the challenge. Wenser hasn't touched a fighter's controls in years.
[OOC] Hrrin: Figured it for something like that.
Zinda Tegram: "That's not sufficient. Name, Rank, Order, or in your case Rank."
Zinda Tegram: "They need to know you have standing."
[OOC] Hrrin: Oooohhh, you're pushing for this.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Compel! Bad with Aliens! : D
Abraham gives Zinda the eye before responding, "I am Commander Abraham Bounty. I have no specific order, but I do not believe it is necessary for me to have one."
Spyboy Pearson: "Terran Confederation?"
Wenser winces. "Actually, ah…"
Zinda Tegram: "Terran Confederation."
Abraham: "Ah, Terran Confederation."
CapeLeader: "Oho. Very well, but you'll have to meet us with the Skulls."
CapeLeader: "Four craft a side."
[OOC] Abraham: Not the prep group secret society, right?
Zinda Tegram: "Two."
Zinda Tegram: "One representative each."
[OOC] WC GM: Skulls being the other Oldziey squadron contesting.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Yes.
CapeLeader: "Four each. 'Less you can talk the Skulls into it."
Zinda Tegram: "Are the skulls so spineless as to meet challengers with four? I thought better Alfred!"
Zinda Tegram: "You are on this channel, aren't you dog?"
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Meet two challengers with four.
Abraham: "Don't be too hard on them, Zinda. They're just skulls. We can't expect too much from them."
Zinda Tegram glares at Abraham. "Perhaps best you don't talk too much."
[OOC] Abraham: Yep, she's still angry about the battle-sim.
Hrrin: Hrrin is perfectly aware she has a craft, and is capable of flying it. Likewise, Spyboy. She is…not keen on this notion, given her last dust-up in Oldziey.
Alfred: "Ahh, Zinda. Lovely to hear your voice after so long. You see, four each is what we smuggled in - and if we don't go down fighting, we'll be arrested. Fate worse than death. I can't have my boys fall to that, can I?" Alfred sounds…remarkably feminine.
[OOC] Abraham: read that as feline at first.
Zinda Tegram: "The Confederation is in on this challenge Alfred, you heard it. Besides the jump point is shot, we all know you and the capes could own the whole system if you were motivated."
Alfred: "She speaks the truth, Cape-Boys. Why don't we work together to conquer this whole system?"
Spyboy Pearson starts sniffing. How well defended do their systems look?
Spyboy already has root access.
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: They're all on this station?
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Not yet launched?
[OOC] WC GM: The station's systems, right?
Zinda Tegram: "You could do that. But if the honor of the Grey Kingdoms means anything to you, you'd need to kill the Capes too."
[OOC] WC GM: Or do you mean the squadrons?
[OOC] Spyboy Pearson: Squadrons.
[OOC] WC GM: Ah.
Zinda Tegram: "Don't want them talking, do you cur?"
The squadrons, on the other hand, prove…competent, at least. There is no data access from here.
Zinda Tegram sits.
Zinda Tegram stands. "We meet your challenge, let it be four per side."
Alfred: "Aww, spoil my plan~."
Alfred: "Alright, we'll have it out where you are. So far as anyone else knows, we're just cleaning up the station."
Zinda Tegram: "We will meet you, but the gun field is ours."
Zinda Tegram: "We name the station as our fourth."
Zinda Tegram looks at Spyboy. "You'll be operating from here."
Spyboy Pearson: "You sure? I'd rather be in my fighter."
Spyboy Pearson: "And that'd actually put us at four."
Spyboy Pearson: "Harry can handle the station."
Zinda Tegram: "You'll get shot down in your fighter. You'll do more good vectoring here."
Zinda Tegram: "Besides, you can control the gun field."
Spyboy Pearson: "You do know I won't be the one dodging, right? You never saw me flying with Heggy, after all."
Abraham: "It's an interesting strategy at least. It creates a variable no-fly zone for our opponents that we can fly through with impunity."
[OOC] WC GM: Zinda, Hrrin, and Spyboy/BBBB each have a fighter. Abraham does not.
Zinda Tegram nods to Abraham. "It's not new to them, they've fought like this before."
Zinda Tegram: "I need Abraham in your fighter Spyboy."
Spyboy Pearson: "You sure you don't want him in a fighter with real guns? You know the torps on mine were stripped out, right?"
[OOC] WC GM: Or "small craft" in Hrrin's case.
Hrrin: "Hah-haaaah. Station for fourth. Well said."
[OOC] Hrrin: We'll see. It might not be military grade, but I'll have it defined by next week.
[OOC] WC GM: Good, 'cause you're using it next week.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Yep.
[OOC] WC GM: This looks like a good point for log end. Any last lines?
Hrrin: "When will this duel take place?"
Zinda Tegram: "So, Alfred, two or four?"
Abraham: "Of course, this opens up the possibility of them using a non-fighter craft as well."
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Just clarifying the terms.
Alfred: "Four. And if the station is your fourth…"
A proximity alarm sounds, before the station rocks a bit.
Alfred: "Now."
Zinda Tegram: "Excellent."

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