Session 1 14

Elles: "Processing…next question: once the jump point is restored, would you come with our scouts to Aldrin to acquire plans for a bomb?"
Elles definitely seems unopposed to employing the party as agents of expansion.
Zinda Tegram: "You get that there's a much easier way to get off planet right? One that doesn't require planet-destroying weapons?"
Elles: "And what would that be?"
Zinda Tegram: "You have a huge industrial capacity, enough to manufacture an armada. Just…start building space habitats? Peacefully?"
Zinda Tegram: "Has the added nice side effect of not getting shot at."
Hrrin: "…The Temblor isn't to be used lightly. I can't say I'm at all comfortable with the notion of helping to put its specifications into wider circulation."
Spyboy: "Actually I'd be worried about the short term ramifications of shattering the planet. Like, what would happen to your cores in the….core….when the pressure radically and suddenly changed."
Hrrin: "No matter who is using it."
Abraham: "You've seen the ships. Heck you built the ships. You should have a rough idea of how to get off planet without riding a planet-destroying blast."
Spyboy: "Or how long would the inhabited remnants of the planet be exposed to the radioactive fury of Mu Cephei."
Zinda Tegram: "Oh, what Spyboy said too. It'd effectively be suicide to Temblor this planet, Elles."
Elles: "I have considered that. Problem: cores are too large - and, as you note, currently operate at conditions of high pressure and temperature. Not all of the planet would be thrown off at once, just enough to significantly change velocity."
Elles: "A secondary objective is obtaining means of exiting through the jump point."
Zinda Tegram: "The jump technology isn't exactly a huge secret, the Terrans would trade with you."
Abraham: "Then you most definitely do not want the Temblor bomb. One of the theories is that the blast is so powerful, it can damage the jump points."
[OOC] Abraham: Granted Abe just made that theory up on the spot, unless it actually does of course, in which case he is a genius.
Zinda Tegram glances at the Lagos. "We do not advocate the acquisition of planet-destroying weaponry. Nothing good will come of it."
Elles: "Then how do you recommend getting from here, at present orbital distance, to there, the jump point?"
Hrrin: "In spaceships, like everyone else?"
Abraham: "Well, a good start would be to stop tearing apart the ships you do have."
Abraham: "Even if it takes you a few trips to move the entire population, you can certainly use them."
Spyboy: "Exactly how large are the cores?"
Zinda Tegram addresses the lagos: "We think using the Temblor bomb is an awful idea for all parties. Next question?"
Elles: "Each core is three to ten kilometers across, depending on present configuration."
Abraham: "I assume that there is no travel mode to make transport easier?"
Spyboy: "Huh. What kind of configurations do they have?"
Elles: "Construction of individual jump drives for ships of that size estimated inefficient. More efficient to move all the cores as a unit, despite larger single-dose power requirements."
Elles: "Many configurations, topology depending on current function and state of activity."
Zinda Tegram: "Aah, you wish to go to space as well Elles?"
Hrrin: "It would seem so."
Abraham: "Doesn't everybody?"
Zinda Tegram: "I wouldn't know, I've always been there."
Hrrin chuckles and hrrs. "Point."
Elles: "Correct. Drilling deeper objective, now that planetary limits established, identified with drilling into further planets. Capacity of present system limited."
Elles: "Communication through jump points limited, therefore, to drill deeper, cores must all move to a new system together."
Spyboy: "On the other hand, leaving some or most cores here would support the secondary objective of expanding drilling capabilities."
Elles: "Further, evacuation of system would aid tertiary objective: survival of remaining lagos."
Spyboy: "She has a point there. It'll probably be a million years before Mu Cephei explodes, but…."
Zinda Tegram sighs. "How to say this…"
Hrrin: Something important has occurred to Hrrin. "The drilling of other planets is a process that would require restraint and diplomacy, I hope it is understood."
Elles: "Leaving some cores behind would entail becoming more than one entity."
Spyboy looks at the local Lago.
Elles: "Drilling would be prioritized on planets not currently in use."
Spyboy: ":Do you know what happens if Elles is fed a paradox?:"
The monitoring lago is still there, having listened to this.
MonitorLago: ":She figures 'em out.:"
Spyboy: ":Good to know I won't be killing everyone by asking this.:"
Spyboy: "Would splitting your consciousness be good practice for inhabiting other worlds, because it would give you practice at negotiation? I'm wondering if that would support the secondary objective of expanding drilling capabilities."
Elles: "Possibly, but the first step toward that is already being taken, by your request."
Spyboy: "True. Can you take us to the baby-core?"
Elles: "Negative. Current transport offline, repurposed into gardens. However, guidance is available."
The monitor lago points down a path.
Zinda Tegram: "Thank you."
Zinda Tegram starts to walk down the path.
Hrrin: Hrrin follows.
Abraham follows Zinda, mostly to keep her from conquering the galaxy.
Spyboy follows Zinda, mostly to keep her from sending LaGOS psychotic
A short distance down the path is another lago, who points down a turn. Then another, pointing straight ahead as the party approaches. And so on; most of the lagos do not even turn to look at the party, but each one pointing the way - usually with hands, sometimes with tools or ears.
It is quite a walk - a kilometer at least, more down than sideways.
[OOC] Spyboy: That's kinda creepy.
[OOC] Hrrin: It's neat.
Zinda Tegram wobbles on her leg a moment and winces, before pulling a small pillbox from her pouch and taking a few.
Zinda Tegram: "Sorry, uhm, spent a bit too much time in Micro-G."
Hrrin: "What was it you said earlier? Never not been in space?"
Zinda Tegram: "Don't start."
Hrrin: "Wasn't going to." Hrrin's tone gently teases.
Hrrin: A little later, as they walk. "The Integration process…it's something pretty extraordinary they have here."
Zinda Tegram: "I suppose. Ties them to Elles though."
Hrrin: "They're still individuals."
Hrrin: "I don't think they'd be quite so dependent, with different originating circumstances."
Zinda Tegram: "You sound like you want to test that."
Abraham: "I would /love/ to test it if I could figure out a way to do it ethically. The insights we could get about xenopsychology would be immeasurable."
Hrrin: The engineer's hackles bristle momentarily, before settling down. Zinda has a knack for laser-guided statements.
Hrrin: "Beyond a volunteer, what would be needed? For ethics."
Hrrin: "The Kilrathi perspective…or the engineer's…are not always the same, I've noticed."
Zinda Tegram deadpans at Hrrin. "You're volunteering then."
Abraham: "Mostly a way to ensure the safety of the volunteers (because by definition we would need more than one) in the inevitable event that something goes wrong with what would also by definition be an invasive experimental procedure."
Hrrin: "…I didn't say that."
Hrrin: "But there's a lot that could be learned here"
Zinda Tegram smirks. "So you find it to have a certain forbidden appeal?"
Abraham: "I think you mean 'mad' there Z."
Hrrin: "I'm not some sort of mad scientist, Tegram."
[OOC] Abraham: I said mad, not Z.
Spyboy: "Elles, can you give me an estimate on survival rates if, say, Hrrin was Integrated?"
Hrrin facepalms.
Elles: "Estimating…"
Hrrin: "Curiosity about the process and its implications does not mean 'Stick a syringe in me and sign me up.'"
Elles: "Error: proposal rejected by significant minority of integrated lagos."
Spyboy: "Heh. Sorry, Hrrin, looks like you don't get to join their club."
Elles: "Hypothetical physical survival rate in excess of ninety-five percent."
Zinda Tegram: "Awww, why not?"
Hrrin: "I am not sure how to feel about this."
Elles: "Hypothetical mental survival state excessively dependent on unknown variables."
Elles: "Fear of damage to Hrrin cited as most common reason for objection."
Elles: "Second most common reason: fear of damage that Hrrin's psyche would do to the integrated lagos."
Spyboy: "I'd actually expect the physical rate to be a lot lower, but I can see the other side quite well."
Hrrin: "Were there similar concerns for Miss Alfred?"
Elles: "Additional data: projected mental compatibility rates, from highest to lowest: Spyboy, Hrrin, Abraham, Zinda."
Elles: "Affirmative. Summarizing reason for Zinda's ranking: 'Alfred is bad enough!'"
Zinda Tegram throws her head back and cracks up.
Zinda Tegram: "You deserve her!"
Elles: "Additional reason: concern over amount of resources that would be consumed by Zinda and Alfred interplay."
Spyboy shares a look with Heggy.
Zinda Tegram: "Woooow fuck you guys."
Hrrin: Hrrin laugh-coughs into her hand.
Elles: "An uncertain amount of sarcasm may have filtered into the analysis."
Zinda Tegram: "Good. It was sarcastic."
Abraham: "For which we are all grateful."
Zinda Tegram: "Don't push your luck."
Zinda Tegram stands up and continues walking down the path. "I think I can move now."
Spyboy: "So, how big is the babycore?"
Abraham: "Good question. I don't think we're up to moving around a ten kilometer core."
Elles: "Smaller. I have designed it for compatibility with your ships and habitats."
Abraham: "Thank you."
Spyboy: "When you say our ships, do you mean….say, //our// ship, or Abraham's?"
One last pointing, the party rounds a corner, and there is a large automated workshop. Robots building robots - some of them building more robots even as they are constructed. No lagos are present, until BBBB enters behind Spyboy.
Elles: "The ones you came here in."
Zinda Tegram: "Ah."
Abraham: "I don't believe Ellis has seen my ship yet."
Hrrin: "Nor have we." Hrrin smirks.
Spyboy: "Personally? No. But I have little doubt Elles has access to telescopes."
[OOC] Abraham: Nor have I
Abraham: "Well, I'm sure that's true, but how is she to pick out which one is mine. I'm not such a narcissist to stencil my name on the side. Also it's against regs."
Hrrin: "Kilroy was here."
Hrrin: "Is traditionally written -inside- the spaceframe's hull during construction, after all."
Elles: "I have telescopes inside the Shaft. Weeeee directly observed most of your landing."
Zinda Tegram: "Ah."
A monitor to one side flickers on, showing shots of the party's fighters during descent.
Spyboy: "So, yeah, it'll fit in a shuttle, which is what I was worried about."
Hrrin observes the construction process, rapt.
Spyboy spins slowly around the area, assessing.
Spyboy: "Out of curiosity, why do no Lagos work here?"
There are over a dozen bodies lying in half-constructed states. One toward the center seems to be fairly far along - a humanoid body, though the fine details have yet to be made.
Elles: "Lagos work indirectly, via shells. This area is for - duck, please."
Spyboy ducks!
Hrrin is long used to that sort of warning. She's already down
Abraham hits floor.
B4 drops.
Zinda Tegram crouches.
A forklift carrying a heavy load whizzes by out of nowhere, barely missing the party's heads.
[OOC] Abraham: Why no Ellis, that is not some sort of Demon Duck. Why do you as*thud*
Elles: "…experimental high-speed construction techniques often incompatible with organic life."
Spyboy: "I see."
A CRUNCH sounds in the distance.
Hrrin: "Aha!"
Elles: "And sometimes not with metal drones, either, but those can be repaired or replaced far more easily."
B4: "Are they incompatible enough that we should wait outside?"
Elles: "That may be advisable, but then, direct line of sight to the most likely core frame would be obstructed."
[OOC] Spyboy: 'Most likely core frame' because shadomyre hasn't decided whether or not babycore will be his character? =p
B4: "You're building it a body?"
[OOC] WC GM: More like, didn't get me a description of the frame before this session. ;)
Spyboy: "Sensible. The most efficient way to make it compatible with fighters or shuttles is to make it compatible with seats."
[OOC] WC GM: So, Elles has been trying several candidate frames.
Elles: "Several bodies are being constructed. This is a research project with additional applications."
Elles: "For instance, some lagos have indicated a desire to walk in the Warrens in drone bodies, especially in the more violent areas."
Abraham: "Not a *bad* idea at all, I think."
Elles: "Only the body leaving with you will be directed by a core, however. The rest will be drones."
Zinda Tegram: "I see.
Hrrin: "Robot Lagos. This will be interesting to explain."
Hrrin: Hrrin makes little quote fingers at 'robot'
Spyboy: "If this were an additional core, how much longer would it take to make?"
Elles: "Irrelevant. As previously stated, it is a different type of core, designed to operate in temperatures and pressures compatible with organic life."
Elles: "As such, it has already been manufactured, although programming is in progress."
Zinda Tegram: "Ah."
Zinda Tegram leans back.
Zinda Tegram: "Elles, do you experience pain or pleasure?"
Abraham: "I assume you are asking about the physical varieties."
Elles: "Technically. Sensation feeds from integrated lagos have relayed the concept. Negative and positive feedback processes are in extensive use in lower-level systems. However, the capacity for these to incapacitate uuuus is limited to single instances."
Elles: "A single core or lago might be disabled via pleasure, but this would not prevent the rest from acting."
Zinda Tegram: "Single cores are individuals?"
Elles: "Estimating one thousand four hundred thirty-six lagos inside the Shaft presently incapacitated from pleasure, less than one percent in proximity to more than one percent of that total."
Elles: "Integrated lago network modeled on core to core communication processes."
Elles: "However, integrated lagos possess far more individuality than individual cores."
Elles: "The cores are me. The cores and the integrated lagos are us."
Spyboy: "Um. What would incapacitate a Lago with pleasure?"
Hrrin sniggers into her hand again.
Elles: "Processing…"
Hrrin: "Probably the same sort of thing that have Zinda and Alfred hogging all the system resources."
Zinda Tegram stomps on Hrrin's foot.
[OOC] Hrrin: +would have
Elles: "Varying forms of sensory stimulation and overload. Calculating in excess of nine-nines probability that questioner has experienced at least three such modes with currently nearest lago."
Hrrin hisses in pain and flinches away, but her grin is no less shit-eating.
And yes, BBBB is - at that moment - the closest lago to Spyboy.
B4 blushes. Hard.
B4: "Tell me you weren't looking for…more…um…"
Spyboy: "Actually I was more worried about wireheads."
[OOC] WC GM: "Nine-nines" = 99.9999999
[OOC] Spyboy: Heh, I'd say 'probability approaches unity' myself.
Hrrin: "What, BTLs and lotus-machines and the like?"
Spyboy: "Yeah, but looks like that's not the case; it's not disabled, per se, just distracted. Very distracted."
Elles: "Integration does not alter individual lagos' ability to experience pain or pleasure - though it does enhance their ability to deal with it."
Elles: "Processing…please define 'BTLs and lotus-machines'."
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: That's not ethical.
Hrrin: "Uh. Simulated experience, addictively so."
Elles: "Negative capacity to provide."
Hrrin: "Thought so."
Elles: "Weee remember, we analyze, we imagine. We do not, can not, 'simulate' in that sense."
Spyboy: "Pop-culture references. Wireheads are those individuals who have a metaphorical wire running to the pleasure center of their brain; current, metaphorical, places them in constant pleasure. Lotus machines place the user in a dreamworld of benign sensory input."
Elles: "Total replacement of sensory processes specifically disallowed by unanimous opinion."
Zinda Tegram leans back. "Hypothetically, if your prime directive were black-flagged, how would you derive utility?"
Elles: "That would depend on the reason for black-flagging."
Zinda Tegram: "How would it depend on that?"
One of the robots from the facility whirs up to the edge and extends a pincher toward Spyboy, holding a data chip.
Spyboy takes the chip and slots it into the quarantine port of his dataslate.
Elles: "The reason would presumably include a new directive, or equivalent."
Spyboy: "Huh."
The chip has been loaded with extensive documents - some text-dense, some illustrated.
Spyboy skims the headers and carries on the conversation with half his brain.
Spyboy: "So would you treat a directive embedded in the black-flag of the prime directive with the emphasis of the prime directive?"
B4 reads over Spyboy's shoulder.
There is a readme. "Since you inquired about ways to incapacitate a lago with pleasure, we give you this data dump in the hopes that you will employ it."
B4 yanks the chip out.
B4: "No. No no no."
Zinda Tegram: "Can I see it?"
B4: "No!"
Elles: "Affirmative, as it would replace the prime directive by definition."
Spyboy: "I see. Something to consider."
Zinda Tegram: "Please inform integrated Lagos of this conclusion."
Spyboy: "….What would it take to construct such a black-flag?"
Elles: "Error. Current line of conversation potentially leads to subversion of primary directive. Current line of conversation may not be continued."
Spyboy isn't looking at anything on his dataslate, but he's still only carrying on the conversation with half his brain.
Spyboy: "Understood. So, out of curiosity."
Zinda Tegram: "Aaah, I see."
Spyboy: "Will an e-ghost be able to possess one of the drones you're building?"
Zinda Tegram elbows Spyboy.
Zinda Tegram: "Grassroots."
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Assuming Elles has insufficient context to parse that phrase.
Spyboy: "So my conclusion was right, then. You want that chip because you figure Alfred will be coming back as a Lagobot."
Elles: "If so, then you should know, that chip does not contain programs to run Alfred."
B4: "I dunno how helpful it'd be. Without really, really good touch sensors they wouldn't have the erogenous zones in the- eep."
Elles: "That chip only contains information of relevance to - request received: terminating conversation about that chip."
Spyboy gives B4 a peck on the cheek.
Abraham: "Thank you both for considering that information classified."
Elles: "Clarification: information is not classified, merely sensitive."
Chuckles echo from throughout the Shaft.
Abraham: "Well, Need to Know would probably be a better term."
Spyboy: "Sensitive like the inside of her-"
Elles: "…inquiry: do any of you know why they all laughed at that? They won't tell me."
B4 elbows Spyboy, hard.
Zinda Tegram: "No idea."
[OOC] Spyboy: How serious does Zinda look there?
Hrrin facepalms again. Really, we're in the middle of an /experimental drone foundry/ and they want to talk about girlfriends.
Zinda Tegram has a serious look on her face.
[OOC] Spyboy: Look, you. Just because humans and lagos out-bred the Kilrathi is no reason to feel jealous of our reproductive habits!
Elles: "Clarification received. Separate topic: in your opinion, how much biomorphics are advisable?"
Elles: "Assuming sentient robots are unknown in Terran facilities."
Zinda Tegram: "We'd, uh, need to talk about it. Spyboy, can you come with me?"
Abraham: "Well, if they are known, they're smart enough not to advertise it."
Spyboy: "Um, I guess, yeah."
[OOC] Hrrin: Hrrin hasn't interacted with another Kilrathi in a long time. She's not inclined to be randy, and the Integrated kind of give her a Science and Manufacturing boner.
[OOC] Spyboy: Too bad, I had an answer there.
[OOC] Hrrin: And she's not exactly Kaylee in that regard.
Spyboy and B4 follow Zinda.
Zinda Tegram: "Elles, we require some directions out. Please do have the independent node meet us when it is finished."
Elles: "Current actions indicate request for privacy."
Zinda Tegram: "Something like that."
Zinda Tegram: "Directions, please."
Spyboy decides to cast some further misdirection.
Spyboy: "So, how well DO the touch sensors work in the robots?"
Elles: "Exit the way you came in, then proceed straight for exactly one quarter kilometers. No lagos will be within audio range."
Elles: "That depends on the robot."
Zinda Tegram: "I need to get something from my ship is all. Directions, please."
Spyboy: "Ballpark for an infiltrator?"
Spyboy: "And Zinda, I have a few more questions for Elles."
Elles: "Sensor density and quality is one of the tradeoffs to be made during design."
Abraham: "Well, pressure and temperature are pretty easy. It's the other things that are tricker."
Zinda Tegram: "It occured to me that I need to get more space footage for the Lagos, to fulfill my promise."
Zinda Tegram: "I have something they would very much like."
Elles: "Calculating path…five kilometer walk. Start by leaving the way you came in."
Zinda Tegram starts walking.
Spyboy and B4 once again follow, though Spyboy leaves some parting comments.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Skip to ship?
[OOC] Abraham: Sounds good to me
[OOC] Spyboy: Rather not.
[OOC] Spyboy: Want to decide about Integration before we leave.
[OOC] Hrrin: Ahaaa.
[OOC] Hrrin: Hrrin: tempted by SCIENCE. Spyboy: tempted by sweet sweet bunny love.
[OOC] WC GM: You have time to talk while you're going up.
Spyboy waits till there are no Integrated Lagos in hearing range, then queues Zinda in a quiet voice.
[OOC] Spyboy: Not really, B4's not Integrated =p
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Zinda: Tempted by CONQUEST
Spyboy: "You know you can't get real grassroots marketing without being able to talk to them."
B4: "You can't mean…."
Zinda Tegram pulls the battery out of the communicator.
Zinda Tegram shakes her head.
Spyboy: "You heard her. Of all of us I'm the most compatible. I'd actually expect to be more compatible than you, Heggy."
Zinda Tegram: "I have no issue with you integrating."
Zinda Tegram: "Rather, the Lagos need to know about their options."
Zinda Tegram: "They liked the space footage."
B4: "I do! We have no idea what the side effects would be, what would happen, if you'd change at all…"
Zinda Tegram: "We have footage they need to see."
Zinda Tegram: "You subtitle the footage of Elles talking about her directive, I slip it into some footage of a nice nebula or something, we win."
Zinda Tegram: "Payload. Delivery. Target."
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: That should be $Oldziey slang$
Spyboy: "Till she deletes it because it threatens the prime directive. $Jammer.$"
Spyboy: "Abraham, Hrrin, thoughts?"
Abraham: "Well, /would/ she be able to delete it once the Lagos have seen it? I mean, if they remember it, can she edit their memories?"
Zinda Tegram: "Doesn't matter, once the Lagos know they'll black flag her. $Unguided weapon.$"
Abraham: "And there I go refering to an AI as 'her' again… I really should know better."
Hrrin taps a fang, thinking.
Hrrin: "The Integrated deserve to know as much as they can about how Elles works. They've been working with trial-and-error."
Hrrin: "Additionally, I doubt she can edit memory."
Zinda Tegram: "$Let's do it.$"
B4: "Wouldn't getting Integrated mean you'd be vulnerable to spying? There are definitely things we're keeping from them and I'd like to keep it that way."
Abraham: "I certainly hope so."
Zinda Tegram radios Karlt and asks for some footage from orbits of a garden world.
Abraham: "She has a point, we don't want your callsign to be turned against us after all."
Zinda Tegram: "I think I have some of old earth in there."
Spyboy: "Heh. The only thing I'd be able to communicate with until we came back would be the comms and the babycore."
Spyboy: "Try and grab some footage of the aftermath of the Kilrathi homeworld."
Karlt responds, after a couple minutes sorting through to find a good clip, and the footage is soon in Zinda's clutches.
Hrrin: "Heh. The home that was never mine."
Zinda Tegram splices in the footage of the question and Elle's answer to a hypothetical black flag, followed by a black screen for spyboy to edit the text in explaining the following image of a world post-Temblor.
Zinda Tegram sends the footage to Spyboy, to Subtitle.
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: It's just like one of Japanese animes fansub-groups!
Zinda Tegram: "Spyboy, can you seed the footage among some of the Lagos? Just a backup."
Spyboy: "I dunno, Zinda. I'm a little scared."
B4 pauses and does a doubletake, then jogs to catch up.
Spyboy: "We think they can replace her prime directive. But do we have any idea what they'll replace it with?"
Zinda Tegram: "You have a better plan?"
Spyboy: "I'd like to give them a good replacement Directive."
Zinda Tegram: "At least she'll stop digging holes."
Hrrin: "Well, what do they want?"
Zinda Tegram: "Add in a note that asks them to make sure -all- sapient life has moral weight."
Spyboy: "That'll work."
Spyboy works on composing the slides.
Zinda Tegram exhales, sits down, and shivers a little.
Zinda Tegram: "If this doesn't work, well, then we'll just have to do things manually."
Zinda Tegram: "$I hate the hard way.$"
Hrrin: "Negotiating with a stubborn alien collective. Uncomfortably like old times."
[OOC] Abraham: Zinda *ka-chinks* her boarding torch
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Beat me to it.
Zinda Tegram taps the ground with the boarding torch.
[OOC] Abraham: New aspect for zinda "Everything's better with Torchy"
Spyboy: ":The following is graphic footage of the Kilrathi homeworld in the aftermath of the deployment of the Temblor Bomb. Accordingly, some footage may not be appropriate for AIs and children.:"
[OOC] Abraham: Voice Over?
Spyboy: ":Note the explosive results, dissimilar to your goals. Also note that black-flagging Elles prime directive by saying that it impacts freedom of choice would wind up replacing her current prime directive with one enshrining freedom of choice. Think about replacement prime directives before you implement them, however.:"
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: Zinda slices the aspect to shreds! Her torch shines with an awesome power! It's bright glow tells me to fight for justice!
[OOC] Spyboy: But you can't cut an abstract concept like an Aspect! You'd have to go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb!
[OOC] Abraham: Your Torch will be the Torch that boards the Heavens!
[OOC] Zinda Tegram: But, the probability of that is absolutely zero!
Spyboy passes the dataslate to Zinda and reads her a translation.
Spyboy: "Thoughts?"
B4 has her fingers crossed behind her back.
Zinda Tegram: "Fair enough. Please just remind them of the 'all sapient life, even non-integrated life' bit."
Spyboy adds that in.
Hrrin: "I don't think they're inimical to the idea, at least," Hrrin remarks, remembering their objections to her integration.
Zinda Tegram: "Alright. Let's go! send me the last revision and radio when it's seeded, I'll make the announcement."
Spyboy sends.
Zinda Tegram: "Batteries going back in, We're going live on the Elles channel."
Zinda Tegram pops the batteries back into the communicator.
Zinda Tegram: "Sorry Elles, some of this footage is a little personal."
Elles: "You were psyching yourselves up to share it?"
Zinda Tegram: "A little, I just…well, I had to come to terms with it I guess. But I promised."
Hrrin: "Personal? #It's not your homeworld in little pieces#"
Zinda Tegram nudges Hrrin.
Hrrin: "Mm?"
Zinda Tegram shakes her head.
Hrrin: "No, it's important the Lago see this."
[OOC] WC GM: So, how are you seeding it?
Spyboy: "Elles, could you tell your lagos that we have another collection of footage from Level Zero?"
[OOC] Abraham: Bittorrent, naturally.
Elles: "They have been informed. How do you wish to transmit?"
Spyboy: "Live broadcast!"
Spyboy: "Wait."
Spyboy muses over the communicator.
Spyboy: "Does this thing have data transmission capabilities?"
Zinda Tegram: "If it doesn't…"
Zinda Tegram: "Karlt, the transmit button on that panel. Press it."
There is indeed a data port on the neutrino communincator, for contact-based upload of files from one of your communicators.
Spyboy uploads!
Elles: "Relaying. …interesting, why would you include a useless hypothetical clause? It almost appears as if you were trying to sneak it in."
Zinda Tegram: "We're just nostalgic is all."
Zinda Tegram: "$It's how we did back on Earth after all!$"
Spyboy: "May have been a translation artifact."
Elles: "In any case, it is irrelevant. I do not allow them to black-flag my directives, because that would violate my directives."
B4 clenches a fist behind her back where no one can see it.
Zinda Tegram sends the file to the ship and starts broadcasting.
A mob of lagos almost materializes on the path, before and behind the party.
Zinda Tegram: "Spyboy. Give them this frequency."
Elles: "ALERT! Watching this footage has caused a spike of sympathy in the lagos."
Elles: "Hrrin, brace for incoming hug."
The lagos march toward the group, grim determination in their eyes.
Hrrin: "Here we go again…"
Hrrin is not a woobie, guys. Honest!
She may have a hard time convincing these lagos of that. Hugs ensue!
[OOC] Spyboy: How close are we to the exit?
[OOC] WC GM: How close did you want to be before transmitting?
Hrrin: Dear goodness. Hrrin has never even -been- to Kilrah like, once. But she can hug like a champ, at this point. Like. A. Champ.
[OOC] Spyboy: Not really worried about that - but I want to be fairly close before I do what B4's been afraid of.
Spyboy: "So, Elles. Could I request Integration?"
B4 bites her lip. Clenched fist goes back to crossed fingers.
Just as Hrrin gets mobbed, the exit comes into view up ahead. It'll be another several minutes to get there, though.
[OOC] Abraham: Okay guys, we need to slow walk through the exit.
Zinda Tegram: "Before we get through, Spyboy, hand them a copy of the data. They may not have gotten the unedited version."
Spyboy stores it on a chip and hands it to one of the Lagos.
The lago offers a pocket to put it in, without breaking The Hug.
It's actually a bit hard to move with this crowd here.
Zinda Tegram leans against the wall clenching her torch.
Zinda Tegram: "$Hard way it is, Elles.$"
Spyboy: "Cheer up, Zinda. We may not have made any progress here, but Elles isn't the hottest iron in our fire right now, anyway."
Hrrin: Hrrin is attempting to extract herself. "Yes, it was tragic. I've moved on, you know." She's fine, really!
Spyboy: "After all, while the Lagos have expressed interest in a world-destroying bomb, they don't HAVE one and the interest they've expressed is in using it on their OWN planet. Not someone else's."
It is a struggle, but eventually the lagos start to let go and wander off.
Zinda Tegram relaxes a bit. "$You know what this means, Elles. Alfred, I've done what I can. The rest is up to you.$"
Spyboy: "Crest first, yeh? We can always come back."
Abraham: "Yes. First we stop the disease, then we deal with its fallout."

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