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E: -1
R: 2
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  • Pilots Forged in the Heat of Battle.
  • Asteroid Kingdoms
  • Hungry Fish in a Small Pond.


Asago is an artificial planet in the Oldziey system, colonized in 2605. The intent was to capitalize on rich mineral deposits in the system's asteroid belt around the system. With no truly habitable worlds present, it was deemed that the construction of a small artificial planet was necessary. Using the asteroid fields as shade cover from the system's extremely hot O-Class star, the mega-project was attempted as a model for other similar colonies. For approximately two decades the colony mined the asteroids, but in 2629 the colony was determined unsustainable and external support was pulled.

The prominent geo-engineers who designed the world left the colony first, along with well-to-do business officials and colony managers. Attempting to capitalize on the exodus, pirates deployed minefields over the system's jump points in early 2035 when Confederation forces were too busy reacting to the Kilrathi threat to investigate a small border world on the other side of space. Cut off from contact with the external world, and with the geo-control systems on Asago unmanned, the colony fell into chaos as the artificial oceans rose and the weather regressed to chaotic and unpredictable patterns. Space habitats were rapidly constructed to attempt the house the displaced population, but it was too little, too late.

Seeing opportunity in chaos, local despots seized control and began amassing weapons, turning the system's limited industrial base to war production. The system rapidly balkanized, and since then has been in a state of perpetual warfare. During this period, the pirates who mined the jump points attempted to occupy and feed off the system, however the local warlords and forces universally distrusted them, so they were not able to significantly harm the heavily armed and trained militias present in the system. Still with an eye for profit, the pirates used their exclusive position as the only actor in the system with access to the outside, to serve as traders and suppliers for the warlords, deriving great profit.

In late 2076, Confed forces cleared the minefield and attempted to investigate the status of the colony left behind 45 years ago. Scouting forces jumping in were met with veteran pilots and highly specialized ship designs, and a united opposition from already established actors in the system. Despite their vastly greater logistical capacity, the Confederation was unable to make significant gains in the system, until the Chandley incident in 2086 forced the effort to cease. Now, with the minefields clear for the first time in years, and with the Confederation weak, the warlords stand divided. Some see only the old ways, but others look to the stars and see the first opportunity for peace in Oldziey in 50 years. Certainly given the military capacity of the system, the outcome of these politics will reverberate through the surrounding systems for years to come.

Ship design in Oldziey divorced from that of the Confederation 51 years ago and, lacking the capacity to construct the major capital ships seen in other engagements, has experienced massive technical and doctrinal advances in the construction of fighter craft and single-system warfare. Furthermore, having been engaged in warfare for the past 51 years, the pilots of the system have about a decade of experience on comparable confederation pilots. Despite being exquisitely designed, the craft of the system lack the true manufacturing and scientific advances seen in the Confederation Navy. Still, a fair number of true engineering and design advances and oddities can be found in Oldzien ships not found elsewhere in the Confederation.


Oldziey is a fairly small system surrounding an immensely large and hot O-class star. There are 7 planets, 6 of which are unnamed gas planets, the last being Asago, a semi-habitable artificial planet. Of the gas giants, three are ice giants not dissimilar to Beptune, 2 Jupiter-like gas giants, and another, largely inaccessible, hot Jupiter-like near the star.

Oldziey features 2 extremely thick and mineral-rich asteroid belts, which together serve as effective shade from the hot, harsh light of the star. It is only behind these thick belts that the various gas planets, decrepit mining stations, and Asago are able to exist.

Given that life can only exist inside and behind these two belts, the inhabitants of the system have seen fit to give them names. The innermost belt is referred to as the Ganges, and the local asteroids are known to have large amounts rhodium, aluminum, and uranium in particular. However, actually mining the material can be difficult due to the often incomplete shade from the star within the belt. It was this factor which originally led to the proposal and approval of Asago, as their standard remote-operated mines could not be operated at a profit given the stop-and-go nature of mining the Ganges. The belt is littered with small mining stations, some operated, most derelict, all of which date back to the original mining efforts in the system during Asago's 'good years'.

The outermost belt is the Nile. It is here that the artificial planet Asago was constructed. Though this belt is certainly mineral rich, with large amounts of volatile elements, it does not compare with the Ganges in terms of mineral wealth. Instead, it is the principle source of air, water, and fuel for the system, with many wars fought over control of the 4 gas giants protected by it.

The Ganges and Nile have radically different orbits, meaning their shade overlaps at only two points, making them the safest (In terms of habitability) places in the system, and also serving as the primary points of passage between Oldziey craft looking to move between the two belts safely. It is also at these intersections where the systems' jump points lie, safe from Oldziey's destabilizing properties. This was considered a boon when the system was peaceful, as craft jumping in had rapid access to nearly the whole of the useful parts of the system, but now the crossing points are in a state of perpetual fire and craft jumping in are, in practice, often jumping into a crossfire between two Oldziey groups, and the exposed nature of the jump points lends them to being ambushed.

Story Hooks

  • The sky's just opened up and that means fear from the traditionalists, opportunity for the opportunists, and the specter of peace for those who weep for their people.
  • The pirates who used to have exclusive trading rights with the system may have reservations about letting anyone else in. The warlords, as ever, stand divided.


Oldziey Laser Cannon
High Recoil
Range 3-6
Harm 3
Penetration 3

Oldziey Boarding Torch
Range 0-1
Harm 1
Penetration 4
Transfer Aspect: Through Reinforced Hulls like a…

Oldziey Laser Pistol
Range 1-3
Harm 3

Oldziey Laser Carbine
Range 2-4
Harm 4
Penetration 1

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