Michael "Spyboy" Pearson


+7 (Legendary) Tactics
+6 (Fantastic) Charm Communications Energy Weapons
+5 (Superb) Computer Engineering Navigation Science
+4 (Great) Agility Alertness Assets Medical Repair
+3 (Good) C/T Demolitions Gunnery Oratory Resolve Stealth
+2 (Decent) Archaeology Brokerage Bureaucracy EVA MicroG Pilot Survival
+1 (Average) Aircraft Animal Handler Arts Brawling Close Combat Intimidation Stamina Vehicle

*Cultures/Technology: Lagos Prime, Oldziey, Anderson


  • Don't Worry, I Already Have Your Passwords
  • Practically Bunny, Definitely Human
  • Leave Her Alone, ASSHOLE!
  • Information - the First Principle of Warfare
  • Uh…That's Not How Lasers Work
  • Oh, No! She's Got Out The Boarding Torch Again!
  • The Admiral's Eyes Are On You
  • Already Sized Up The Tactical Situation
  • We've Gotten Out Of Worse Scrapes Than This
  • My Alien Wife Is Now In My Head

Stress Tracks:

Health: O O O
Composure*: O O O O O O
Wealth: O O O O

*See below.


Military-Grade Communications: Michael can initiate electronic warfare attacks, though he's actually better at maneuver spam.

Integrated: Michael has been implanted with a neutrino comm by LaGOS (Elles) of Lagos Prime, which gives him the ability to (even subconsciously!) access neutrino comms. Over time he has increased his skills with it, and is now capable of initiating contact blindly with any Elles-made remotes (and Ingenue), as well as Integrated Lagos, and even members of the Nephilim meta-species.

Cybercomms: Michael has reverse-engineered enough of the neutrino comm they got from Elles to attach neutrino capability to his wrist computer. This gives him the ability to, among other things, engage in brute-force cyber attacks against Nephilim - or remote control his fighter.

Smooth Deflection: Michael is versed enough in political maneuverings to avoid the damage of many direct confrontations. He uses Charm for his Composure Stress track, rather than Resolve.

Deployable Software Package: During some of his off-time, Michael has put together a fairly reliable set of scripts. When they have access to a computer, Michael's allies can leverage his Communications skills to act as if they had their own Communications skills at Rank 3.

Near-Prescience: Michael has gotten a little more nimble after all the fights that he's gotten into, but that's never been his greatest strength. Instead he can usually predict what he needs to do in enough time to get started early. Michael can use Tactics for Agility.

Helvetica Gertrude Francesti Janictam (Heggy/B4)

Michael's Wife - NPC

+5 Piloting
+4 Alertness Agility
+3 Gunnery Medical Navigation
+2 Computers Drive Charm Communications
+1 C/T Engineering Brokerage Micro-G EVA
I like my sleek fighter
Can't catch me!
That's why I'm the pilot
Till death do us our minds part
Touch of heat vision
  • M.G. Piloting
  • Have A Thing: Integrated Neutrino Comm

F-109 E

Ship V-S Beams Torp EW Trade Frame Data Heat
F-109E 3 3 0 5 0 4 5 5
Stunts: Skeleton Crew, Landing Capable
Aspects: I can see you from here!, Massive Dish, Not Quite Where You Think, Heavily Modified Fighter, You Gotta Be Shittin Me

Roleplaying Notes:

Spyboy: When he enters an area, he stops, spins, and automatically files away any possible tactical advantages. He's also got traces of smarm to him.

Heggy: Helvetica Gertrude Francesti Janictam is exceedingly - some would say excessively - proud of her vocabulary. If she doesn't have a three or four syllable word in a sentence, why bother saying it? She's also the kind of person who's infinitely capable of taking Spyboy's shit.


Abraham: Served with him on once before, but never kept in touch. The man seems positively cagey - how long were we with him before we found out he was a carrier captain, anyway? Ah, well - he's not too bad of a boss.

Zinda: The Red Oni to my own Blue Oni. Like me, she treats secrets as weapons - but she doesn't know to conserve her ammo and uses them for saturation bombardment the first chance she gets.



Hrrin: She seems almost human, aside from the sibilants. Good thing we visited Lagos Prime or I'd start forgetting that aliens are alien.


Growing Up (Mu Cephei)

Michael was born on the Commodore Perry Naval Yard, the sole military shipyard in Mu Cephei and one of the few yards in that system not dedicated to fabricating space station parts. His father was a Naval architect responsible for developing some of the mods created to keep the TCS Norfolk, one of the Yorktown-class carriers transiting through the sector, up and running well past its expected breaker date. His mother was a civilian contractor who ran a swarm of construction drones, orchestrating the construction of capital ships like a pianist playing a symphony.

Michael grew up mostly in Ring Five, which was about thirty percent human and where all the yard personnel lived if they wanted to live 'off-post.' He attended the schools for ConFed dependents, but spent his time outside school with one of the hacking gangs endemic to the station. Though the gang was mostly Bunny, his skills endeared him to them as a 'pet' human.' Like human hackers, the gang spent most of their face-time discussing methods and approaches and boasting about their capabilities; one of the things that the bunnies did differently was work together extremely well. Michael grew up in this atmosphere of collaboration.

For the hacker gangs, the Mt. Everest was always the YardNet, the server run by the TCN for the shipyards. It was patrolled by the best-trained white-hats in the system and had all the best programmers working on new routines. Worse, the white-hats could call on security response teams capable of reaching any spot on the station in a matter of minutes. In theory a perfect hack of the YardNet could be done from anywhere within signal range of the Yard, but in practice, no matter how good you were you could be spotted at any time and you WOULD be traced. The only options for the hack was to find a computer terminal that couldn't be traced to you and be gone by the time the security forces got there. Michael had a very deft touch and could postpone that detection by minutes, but he was never that fast and he always stood the risk of darting into a blind alley and not getting cornered. He wound up working with Helvetica Gertrude Francesti Janictam, Heggy for short. Heggy had a bicycle and knew everywhere on every ring (except for ring six, off-limits to civilians) that it could and couldn't go. She also had a nose for when the Sec-Ps were approaching and got the them out of a number of close calls.

After the first, the pair started spending more time together, often at the arcade where they'd play combat simulations (her choice) or Jazz Band 4 (his choice). Heggy taught Michael the Bunny language and he learned to speak it like a native. Michael's parents liked this (seemingly) shy alien girl, and her parents were grateful for all the time they spent together that wasn't doing illegal things. Not that the consequences for hacking were ever dire - no sane bunny would ever act to slow the construction of new habs, and the Sec-Ps knew it - but the shame would have been potent.

Aspects: Navy Brat, Practically Bunny, Definitely Human

Starting Out

Michael and Heggy graduated from their respective secondary schools at the same time and both applied to the ConFed Naval Academy on the station. Even the Commodore Perry Naval Yards, extremely limited for Bunny immigration, were beginning to feel crowded; besides, the old gang was mostly going its separate ways as the bunnies neared adulthood.

Michael was immediately accepted. The background checks for Heggy took much longer (because of her species, and because her parents weren't Navy), so she was unable to enter the same year. She got a part-time job in a restaurant catering to students and he spent his outside class time studying with her. Although he was shooting for Information Security (since he already knew most of the weaknesses) or architecture like his parents, he found himself corralled into the Low-Lag Space Combat Control program (called 'AWACS' for some archaic reason). This program would pretty much force him into the aging SR-51 Seahawk, an unarmed, high-value target expected to fly into combat unable to shoot back. Heggy pointed out that no one had ever really explored the electronics possibilities of the craft. With the advantage of systems access, Michael ripped the specs for the Seahawk from the archives and he and Heggy pored over them. Ultimately, they came to a common conclusion - though the Seahawk would be completely unarmed with conventional weapons, it had some potential for information warfare. The two of them spent plenty of time looking over SEA/SWACS doctrine and eventually he forgot why he'd wanted to do anything else.

Heggy joined Michael in the Academy a year later. Her study sessions with Michael put her ahead of the curve and her instructers bumped her into the pilot training program. Things got slightly strained between the two when Michael's mother began setting up dates between him and the daughters of her various coworkers, especially since he usually went on the date. They got better when Heggy realized that he never ever went on a second date, and better still when his mom gave up and he visibly relaxed. On Michael's side, the roughest time during this period was in Michael's third year. Michael and Heggy were out celebrating her passing the big examination with a number of her classmates - she had scored an almost perfect score and was wearing her favorite dress. Another third-year started hitting on her and wouldn't stop, even when Michael stepped in. It must be admitted that Michael threw the first punch, though when the Sec-Ps hauled the brawlers off to the brig, he was in the worse shape. Discipline was harsh, but not as bad as Michael was expecting. What he didn't know is that Admiral Wenser, commander of the Norfolk Carrier Group, had selected Mu Cephei as being part of 'his' sector. Looking for a way to cement the Bunny-Human alliance, he decided to make Michael and Heggy (who both stood out) heroes. Rumors were spread that Michael was coming to Heggy's defense and the Board was extremely lenient on Michael.

Aspects: Leave Her Alone, ASSHOLE!, Spent Months Reading AWACS Doctrine

Moment of Crisis

The year Michael graduated was devastating for him. His midshipman tour was the longest time he'd spent away from Heggy since they'd met and he couldn't even give her a video call. Adding insult to injury, the TCS Norfolk couldn't fit an SR-51 - its bays were designed purely for fighters, and so Michael found himself behind the controls of a space superiority fighter. This wasn't what he'd trained for and his flight instructor had to tow him back to the ship over a dozen times because he'd burned off all of his fuel.

When she took him to the ship's wardroom to loosen him up and get him talking, she got more than she'd bargained for. He spent hours talking about his girl back home and very little else - though Miss Tegram did manage to get that Michael was supposed to be an AWACS pilot.

Aspects: That's Why I'm Not the Pilot, Zinda's Great With That Towcable


Things got worse when Michael's squadron was transferred to another squadron, the 107th Ravens. The Ravens, too, were a space superiority squadron and once again Michael was a perfectly round peg in a relentlessly square hole. As the rookie, the most boring solo missions fell to Michael - mostly long-range patrols through all but empty space. This suited him fine, and he spent the time tweaking sensor algorithms and running combat simulations. Sure he didn't have the capability to control a furball, but he could practice. He got a lot of time to practice.

One of the things he did was tweak his search filters. After all, a Kilrathi fighter COULD be disguising itself as an asteroid drifting past, waiting for a chance to strike. It paid off when it turned out that one of the asteroids was actually an escape pod with a damaged beacon. Rescuing the escape pod was a definite feather in Michael's figurative cap - though the accomplishment was pretty much immediately cancelled out when Michael went bingo fuel on the trip back and had to be rescued by the SAR shuttle. Both entries went into his permanent docket, but Admiral Wenser was a clever man and took note…

Aspects: The Admiral's Eyes Are On You; Heh, I've Run That In Simulation

On Your Own

Michael managed to swing a transfer back to the Yorktown by playing the system - while the Navy will always put someone where it needs a person to be, it'll prefer to send people who want to go there. After his marriage to Heggy, Michael was able to file for 'join spouse' orders to be stationed in the same place. The months it took for the orders to clear - you don't get a galactic-scale military without a galactic-scale bureaucracy, after all - proved to be just short enough. Shortly after Michael arrived at the Yorktown, the Chandley system was destroyed and Michael was pinned on the same side as his new bride.

Ironically, Michael will probably never fly an SR-51 at all - they're all on the other side of the Chandley system. Instead, he and Heggy have been paired up with an extremely modified F-109 Vampire fighter, tentatively called the F-109E. By taking the missile capacity of a Wild-Weasel model F-109 and replacing it with more sensors, the fighter is just as capable as the SR-51 and can also fit on the launch racks of a Yorktown-class Carrier; adding an EWO seat puts Michael in his place of strength rather than his place of weakness. Michael and Heggy are stationed together, but are also being brushed to the side - human/alien marriages aren't illegal but they are considered very wierd.

Aspects: My Wife Is My Pilot; Married To A Bunny

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