Hrrin "Harry Razor" Rask'Thar Nar Saalam

Hrrin "Harry" Rask'Thar


+4 Engineering
+3 Energy Weapons Agility Pilot
+2 Gunnery Charm Culture/ Tech Alertness
+1 Intimidation Resolve Tactics Bureaucracy Stealth Science


Born with a Wrench in Hand Stalking the Ships of Home
Driven by Pride Kit-Bashing is a Way of Life
Pack Hunter Looks for Common Ground
Kilrathi Combat Engineer A Taste for Overkill
Schmoozer Lost But Well-Traveled


Have A Thing: Lynx's Eye Military-Grade Engineering Substitution: Repair for Engineering

Growing Up

Childhood is short in a time of war, and Kilrathi childhoods even shorter. Every individual in young Hrrin's clan (Commoner, exceptionally unexceptional, not even sure -who- they served) was expected to make meaningful contribution to the Imperial War Machine. For Kilrathi males, the traditional occupations are military; with women taking up civil or technical positions, etc.

Hrrin was a kit born not within a planet's gravity well, but to the centrifugal spin of artificial gravity. Lynx's Bloody Eye was a support vessel, accompanying the great battlecarriers of the Kilrathi fleet and affecting the most extensive range of repairs, resupplies, and 'reappropriation' available outside of an orbital shipyard or a planetary scrapheap.

Raised in creche by whichever of her 'aunties' had the spare time or patience, Hrinn was passing tools and holding lights since before she could walk. The kit grew up quick of wit, sharp of tongue, and with her curious streak untrammeled by the harsher strictures of Kilrathi military culture.

So wasn't any question what cog in the Empire's vast war machine Hrrin would aspire to. Which aunts and officers in her tiny world were afforded the most respect? Who got to play with the best, the most dangerous toys?

She would be an engineer. She would be the best damn engineer her Empire had ever seen.

Aspects: Born With a Wrench In Hand, Stalking the Ships of Home

Starting Out

It turns out that the wider milieu of Kilrathi society doesn't have as much respect for the technical and intellectually inclined as the corridors, workshops, and hackspaces of her youth. Undaunted, she played the political games of dominance, deception, and posturing as well as any cat. Her prideful heart and stubborn head would allow no other course of action, yet she remained stymied by accident of birth and choice of vocation.

Hrrin craved recognition and notoriety, and there was none to satisfy her with the Kilrathi Empire. But she knew there was more to the galaxy than this. The rebels of Ghorah Khar, the infamous Ralgha nar Hhallas…such examples proved getting out from under the imperial yoke was possible, that humans would place trust in their longtime enemy. And the Sol Confederation had such very fine ships….

But, given how the story of Lord Ralgha ultimately ended for the Confederation, she was wary of simply stealing a ship, setting out a distress beacon, and leaving herself to their tender military mercies. That was the behavior of a would-be spy or a beaten kit, and she had no such intentions. Hrrin

So instead, she 'stole' three ships (by over-reporting the extent of their battle damage and blatantly lying about a certain jump drive), faked catastrophic equipment malfunction, and set her course for Sol system.

Such a journey was long, difficult, and dangerousbut she trusted Sol's —weak softhearted civilian government more than those who'd spent years shooting down her brothers and uncles.

Aspects: Driven by her Pride, Kit-Bashing Is A Way of Life

Moment of Crisis:

Hrrin Rask'thar's dramatic crash-landing on the eastern shores of North America and pleas for Confederation citizenship should have sparked off a firestorm of media interest and controversy…were it not rapidly upstaged by the Temblor bomb, the False Armistice, and the Treaty of Torgo itself.

Adrift without familiar structure, she accepted a position in the Confederate diplomatic and propaganda corps. Unfortunately, the Border Worlds conflicts, followed up by the Confederation's meddling in Kilrathi succession crises and civil wars left Hrrin "Harry Razor" Rask'thar cynical. The process of making sausage was no different for the Confederation than for Kilrah, she felt, and her attempts at assuming a more humanized persona similarly frustrating.

Lonely and bored, she sought out the company of one Abraham Bounty, an officer aboard Roland, which was her passage to someplace she didn't particularly care about any more. It was a relief to speak with someone again who was familiar with the military shape of life, who knew and was known to her people, even if as an honorable enemy combatant.

In her conversations getting to know the young officer, she came to realize what she was missing in her new life: stability, connection, and community. Hrrin put in a request to transfer to Ghorah Khar. Instead, she got Collins.

Aspects: 'Traitorous' Talking Head, Inscrutable Alien Card-Sharp


Hrrin was an engineer, not an astrogator. All it took was bad math in a moment of poor nutrition and worse sleep, and she'd found herself jumping right into the middle of the Oldzieyan defense line. In a mined asteroid field. Zinda executes a most honorable and excellent rescue that impresses the heck of of Hrrin. She is further intrigued by the opportunity to meet a -female- fighter pilot, a tradition that did not exist for the Kilrathi. Finding the parts to fix up both their ships in lower-tech, strife-ravaged Oldziey was a challenge—but it was a situation that played to both their strengths. Dropping Zinda Tegram off in David, Hrrin resumed her voyage to Collins, solo again.

Aspects: Kilrathi Combat Engineer, I Can Fix It!

On Your Own

Hrrin never did get to Collins. 'Secretly' anxious about living among other Kilrathi for the first time in years, and more comfortable aboard ships and stations than planets, she dawdled. Poor astrogation was an excuse to not hurry her way 'home.' Hrrin picked up a few temporary gigs and commissions, becoming accquainted with the sector. When the Nephilim Jumpgate Crisis hit, she was, somewhat to her guilt, relieved. The kilrathi engineer had always been more comfortable, more sure of herself, in war and crisis than in times of peace.

Aspects Schmoozer, Never Did Get To Collins

++Spacecraft: Lynx's Paw

(Template: T3 Kestrel Interceptor)

V-Shift: 4
Beam: 3
Torpedo: 3
EW: 0
Trade: 0

Heat: 4
Frame: 10
Data: 3

Slipdrive: Yes


Firewall (+2 EW defense)
Vector Randomizer (+2 Beam)
Skeleton Crew
Landing Gear

Custom Ride
Kill It With Fire! (Why a small precision attack when something large and dramatic can be effected?)
Kilrathi Military Surplus
'Magic/More Magic' (Held together with idiosyncratic, sometimes arcane, patch jobs.)
Solid Slab of Scrap Metal (Ugly, but tough.)

Miscelleanous Equipment:

Oldzieyan Carbine, on loan from Zinda
Lightly Armored Pressure Suit: vacuum-safe, came with Lynx's Eye
Intense curiosity and great misgivings regarding computer-brain link-ups L.A.G.O.S. style

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