Dr. Alexander Morello


+6 Profession: Doctor
+5 Medical Science
+4 Alertness Engineering Resolve
+3 Charm Agility Stamina Oratory
+2 Bureaucracy Survival Repair Assets Vehicle
+1 Navigation Energy Weapons Arts Computer Pilot Communications Close Combat


Great Expectations Confed Central
Stand Back, I'm a Doctor I've Blinded You with Science!
Seen Some Things Icy Under Pressure
Mechanical Precision This Cursed Metal Arm of Mine
The Hippocratic Oath Only Applies in My Office Man on a Mission


Health 000
Composure 00000
Wealth 0000


Military-Grade Medical: lets you disable a free tag gained from the Health stress track of any ally in the same zone as you, as a combat action (this prevents an opponent using the Consequence to your ally’s disadvantage).
Integrated Equipment: Mechanical Arm
Has A Thing: Medical Biological Assessment Gear (Medical BAG)
Use Medical for Brawling

Mechanical Limb (Advanced Medical Model 00-1B)
Range: 0
Penetration: 1
Harm: 1
Thermal Sterilization Systems
Multi-Tool Finger
Geared for Delicate Work

Growing Up

Alexander Morello was born on Armstrong in the capitol city. His father was a ship architect, and his mother a particle physicist. Let’s just say that expectations on him were high. He worked hard to meet the expectations placed on him, constantly trying to impress his already successful parents. Alex developed a passion for old movies, and especially loves the few movies that have survived from the 20th century.

ASPECTS: Great Expectations, Confed Central

Starting Out

After graduating from University, Alex was accepted into the Armstrong Medical Academy with a scholarship from CROTC, Confed Reserve Officer Training Corps. He had always envied the self-assuredness of the Confed officers that populated Armstrong, and had, without his parents knowledge, applied to join Confed after graduating medical school. Alex’s favorite rotations were psych, surgery, and experimental research. He was researching man-machine interfaces when he was ordered to pack a bag and head to the star port, he had been called up. He quickly packed his things, said goodbye to his parents, and headed out to the star port.

ASPECTS: Stand Back, I’m a doctor, I’ve Blinded You with Science!

Moment of Crisis

When he arrived at the star port, he was startled to see dozens of young men, all in CROTC uniform, milling about. Soon a large shuttle emblazoned with: TCS-Roland. The mass of soon-to-be officers was quickly herded inside the shuttle, but Alex took care to get a window seat. As the tender left the atmosphere, Alex's eyes widened. They were approaching the biggest ship Alex had ever seen! The carrier TCS-Roland stretched from one side of the window to the other! Alex was more excited than he had ever been, and waited anxiously for the tender to dock with his new home.

There wasn’t much time to settle in. Alex was directed to his quarters to drop off his bag, and then shuttled off to the medical bay. Along the way, he learned that the Roland had been ordered to make ready to defend against a Nephilim attack at Chandley, and that the Confederation needed everyone they could get. This explained his hasty departure. Alex settled into his new position as First Assistant to the Ship’s Doctor, and made ready for jump.

The Roland quickly arrived in Grissom, and if Morello had been impressed before, he was quadroupally impressed now. The Roland had joined three of her sister ships, and a swarm of smaller vessels. It was like something out of a movie, he thought. Over the loudspeaker came the order “Crew! Make ready for battle. Prepare for jump in 5. 4. 3. 2-“

Suddenly they were in a warzone. Nephilim fighters had decloacked all around the carrier battle group, and a fighter screen was launched. Suddenly, the ship rocked violently. Reports of wounded flooded the comms. The Ship's Doctor shouted at Morello to start on triage and Alex ran off with his medical bag, heading towards the damaged section. An exterior bulkhead had buckled, and three men were stuck under the debris. Alex began to work. The first man was dead, but the other two pinned with only minor injuries. Suddenly, his comm pack buzzed to life. “ALL AVAILABLE MEDICAL STAFF TO THE BRIDGE!” Morello quickly flagged a passing ensign, ordered him to say with the pinned men, and took off to the bridge as fast as he could.

It was a mess. Smoke clogged the entire area. Morello coughed, put on his breath mask, and as more medical staff arrived, began to examine the wounded. A direct hit by a Nephilim missile had started a fire, knocked out life support, and killed the entire bridge crew, wiping out the entire command structure of the Roland. Alex looked for someone, ANYONE, to report in to. With the entire bridge crew dead, the carrier was dead in space. Suddenly, he felt a tap on his shoulder. Morello turned, and reflexively saluted. Standing before him was none other than Abraham Bounty, the only human ever to have received the Kilrathi "Ripping Claw," and, as it seemed, the highest ranking officer left on the Roland. "Sir," Alex began, "they're… they're all dead." Bounty looked around, and took control. He ordered Morello back to the medbay to ready it for more wounded. Alex saluted, and ran off.

He was running down a corridor when Nephilim fighter lost control and slammed into the side of the Randal, ripping a hole in the side of the ship. Alex grabbed the closest thing he could as the atmosphere was vented into space. He looked down the hall, into the vastness of space and the star Chandley. The star seemed to ripple and grow until it exploded, and was gone. A shockwave rocked the ship, and Alex lost his grip on the pipe. Time seemed to slow as he was sucked towards the gaping hole in the ship. What once was a star was… nothingness. It was as if a hole had been ripped into the very backdrop of space. The star had collapsed into a black hole. Just as blackness was creeping into the edges of his vision, a bulkhead dropped to block the venting, and with a searing pain in his arm, Alex Morello fell to the floor.

ASPECTS: Seen Some Things, Icy Under Pressure


Alex drifted in an out of conciseness, the only constant was the pain in his arm. One moment he was alone as the atmosphere was refilled, the next he was being carried on a stretcher. He came to again, lying in a busy medical bay. He tried to get up, but an orderly quickly pushed him back down, stuck a needle in his arm, and out he went again.

He awoke the next day, lying in hospital bed. He tried to get up again, pushing himself up with his right arm. An arm, he discovered, that was no longer there. His struggle was noticed by a passing orderly. The orderly helped Alex sit up, and explained what had happened. Alex had nearly been sucked out of the Roland, but the air tight bulkhead had closed just in time. Unfortunately, his arm had been crushed. Alex felt deflated. Just has his career had begun, he was ended by a terrible injury, surely the Confederation would dismiss him as medically unfit. He remained in the recovery ward in the hospital for three long days, tortured by the events that had transpired. On the forth day Alex was dismissed from the hospital, and put on leave as his condition was reviewed by the medical board. He waited and waited as days turned to weeks and weeks to months. He became depressed and grew angry. He blamed the Nephilim for everything that had happened to him in his short military career and swore revenge. Nearly a year later, he finally received a message from the board.

They had put his case up for review, and it was decided that he would be fitted with a new mechanical limb and brought back to active duty. A year, to the day, after left the hos[ital, Alex was back inside it. He was wheeled into surgery, and was sedated. When he awoke hours later, he looked over at his new limb, and was shocked. Unlike the advanced models he had worked with in the lab, this arm was a bare, black, metallic skeleton with no semblance to humanity. He wiggled his new metallic fingers, and reached his hand over and felt his new arm. It was cold. The doctors told Alex that this arm was the most technologically refined arm they had, capable of inhuman steadiness and accuracy, yet electromagnetically hardened against EM weapons. It didn't matter, though, it still looked like burned bones. The next day he began rehabilitation.

It did not go smoothly. Making the adjustment to having a metal component as part of his body was difficult, and the arm had its own set of problems. Not only that, but it brought rushing back the memory of his near death experience, a memory he'd rather forget. After months of rehab, he had finally become proficient enough with his new arm to return to duty. His mechanical appendage was not a point of pride, rather something he hid, a device he used every day and yet felt shame for.

ASPECTS: Mechanical Precision, This Cursed Metal Arm of Mine

On Your Own

Finally, after nearly two years of inactivity, Alex Morello was back in the service of the Confederation. He had been selected by Admiral Dakka for a special mission. What the mission was he didn't know, but he knew it meant a return to space and a chance, probably, to extract his revenge on the Nephilim. At his briefing, he learned that he had been assigned to be the personal doctor to soon-to-be Admiral Bounty, the same man he had met on the Roland. In addition to serving to his duties of keeping Bounty and his entourage healthy, he was also to be their science adviser.

ASPECTS: The Hippocratic Oath Only Applies in My Office, Man on a Mission

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