T: +1
E: +1
R: -3
Jump Points To: Armstrong, Mahavier, Oldziey, Sommers, TCSC1575

  • Naval Station And Not Much Else
  • Pretty Much Rural
  • Rising Political Pole

David has a smattering of population but is still largely uninhabited. One world, Solomon, is Earth-like with a developing ecology. Two others are habitable, albeit on the hot and cold side. For the most part, that is all there is to say about the system - while the three worlds are habitable, they have only the natural resources to make most of the consumer goods the population requires. A sustainable population here would require massive levels of imports from the nearby worlds - which works, as one of those nearby worlds is Sommers.

Since Chandley, however, David has taken on a new prominence. David is the bottleneck to the rest of the cluster - the only world with a connection to TCSC1575. Admiral Wenser of the TCS Langley has picked David as his headquarters and the TCS Langley spends most of its time here with occasional visits to Armstrong, Sommers, and Mu Cephei for raw materials, new fighters, and pilots.

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