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Template Ship

Role: Ship's role.
Naming Scheme: What things the line of ships is named after.

Hull ooo Tech Level 0 Beam 0
Heat ooo Crew 0 Torpedo 0
Data ooo V-Shift 0 E-War 0
Aspects Aspect 1 Aspect 2 Aspect 3 Aspect 4 Aspect 5
Stunts Stunt 1 Stunt 2 Stunt 3 Stunt 4 Stunt 5

This ship has some history and description which should go here.

Caernaven-Class Frigate

Role: Light Strike Ship (Semi-obsolescent)
Naming Scheme: Large Towns & Small Cities

Hull o Tech Level 2 Beam 3
Heat ooo Crew 1 Torpedo 0
Data ooooo V-Shift 3 E-War 2
Aspects Very Large Gunship Downright Tiny Small And Nimble Actually a Capship! Well Broken In
Stunts Vector Randomizer Skeleton Crew Overwatch No Stunt No Stunt

An old, solid design, the Caernaven has served a number of roles, on every human side in every conflict ever. (Slight exaggeration.) More recent designs have left the Caernaven limping behind; its engines are not powerful enough to keep up with more current designs.

Yorktown-Class Carrier

Role: Light Carrier
Naming Scheme: Historically Significant Battles

Hull ooooo Tech Level 2 Beam 2
Heat oo Hangar 4 Torpedo 1
Data oooo V-Shift 1 E-War 1
Aspects Huge Obsolete Design Big Fish in a Small Pond I -Am- the Law Last War's Hero
Stunts Jump Drive Point Defense Firewall Cheap No Stunt

The Terran Confederation's Ranger-class Light Carrier was an aging carrier design which was designed and built around the 2580's. The purpose of these carriers was to provide secondary support for the larger capital ships, but during the Kilrathi/Human war they were pressed into service as fleet carriers despite being under-equipped for the role.

Note:  The ships here have replaced their 'Trade' stat with a 'Crew' stat.  Trade doesn't fit the fluff here.
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