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  • Creole Culture
  • Some More Equal Than Others
  • Starving Artists and Second-Generation Exiles

Collins has rapidly transformed from a peaceful backwater to a booming multispecies melting pot. What began as a sparsely populated autonomous artist's colonial collective experienced its first population boom after its population unanimously voted to open its borders to refugee Lagos wishing to evaculate Mu Cephei. Rocky beginnings and multicultural misunderstandings eventually gave way to a comfortable, bi-species equilibrium that proved quite fruitful for the greater Collins artistic and cultural community.

Until about a decade ago, when some Confederate bureaucrat saw fit to designate Collins as the sole and ultimate destination of the Confederation's increasing population of Kilrathi refugees, political dissidents, expatriates and exiles.

Even with the majority of the Kilrathi population living separate on Salaam from the more mixed human/Lagos communities on Amaal, tensions about land use, and the complicated and contradictory legal and bureaucratic web of what species has permission and access to what resources, are on the rise. Combine this with the noticeable split in the Kilrathi populations between traditionalists who wish to preserve the best/most important parts of Kilrathi culture, and those eager to shed old hatred and assimilate into the Collins melting pot, and it's sure the artists and philosophers of the system will have a rich source of conflict to draw inspiration from for some years to come.

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