Abraham Bounty


+7 Science
+6 Profession (Jazz) Resolve
+5 Alertness Bureaucracy Gunnery Pilot
+4 Agility Charm Energy Weapons Oratory Stamina
+3 Assets Culture/Tech Engineering Intimidation Medical Intimidation
+2 Archaeology Brokerage Communications Computer EVA MicroG Stealth
+1 Arts Close Combat Demolitions Navigation (space) Repair Slug Throwers Survival Vehicle
Bank 99/101


Distrusts non-veterans and non-military personnel.
Does the job that's in front of him, then runs.
Honored by the Kilrathi.
Math Geek
Military Family
Political Ambitions
Can Not Read Aliens
Can Outmath Aliens
I Am Needed Here


Military-Grade Pilot
Can pilot military starships
I Have The Numbers
Use Science for Tactics
Has a Thing
Personal Fighter
Formation Tactics
Gives allies +1 Gunnery during space combat.
Leads from the Front
Lets allies use his Resolve up to 3 when Abraham is nearby.


Health ooooo
Composure oooooo
Wealth oooo

Growing Up

Abraham Bounty grew up on a fairly unique world in Federation space, Nielnieh, which made having served in the Federation armed forces the only requirement for citizenship, though joining said forces required an age of at least eighteen (Terran) years. Among the expected benefits of citizenship, such as voting, citizenship was required to hold any sort of public office. There has never been an exception made for this citizenship requirement, whether on religious ground or physical disability. Someone born without legs may revolutionized the field of Astrophysics, but they would never be planetary governor of Nielnieh. Though there is much legislation protecting the rights of non-citizens, a mild prejudice where citizens are considered more reliable than those who are not still persists.

Abraham's grades were above average, but not extraordinary, except in mathematics. He enjoyed figuring out formula to explain and model the world around him.


  • Distrusts non-veterans and non-military personnel.
  • Math Geek

Starting Out

Abraham can trace his family's military history back to when Nielnieh was colonized, and it was inevitable that when he came of age he would serve at least one tour and earn his citizenship. Though the Bountys had never held any offices higher than manager of agriculture, Abraham set his sights on the position of planetary governor. The reason is simply that farmers, like the Bountys were becoming increasingly marginalized politically, with much less influence and voice in government and being hampered with new regulations and legislation.


  • Political Ambitions
  • Military Family

Moment of Crisis

After Abraham became a combat pilot he eventually received orders to escort a freighter through a warp gate in contested space. Thing were going well, when less than five minutes away from the gate Abraham's squad was ambushed by five Kilrathi. Abraham prepared to engage and had already damaged one of the ambushers when he suddenly noticed… he was alone. His squad hadn't been shot down, there was no debris or escape pods, no orders to retreat, they were just gone.

The smart thing, and Abraham knew this very well, was to retreat or surrender or otherwise stop fighting. But if he did that there would be no one to protect the freighter, and the best they could hope for was to be boarded and their cargo stolen. So Abraham gritted his teeth, apologized to his family for not being able to protect them politically, and gave the freighter time to get through the gate.

The second that the freighter made the jump, Abraham broke off and tried to flee. Unfortunately five minutes can severely damage a fighter when you are outnumbered five to one, and he could not outrun his pursuers before his ship was shot out from under him. He ejected at the last moment and was treated to a stark view of one of the Kilrathi lining up a shot on his pod. He saw the Kilrathi jocky for position. He saw the missiles leave their launch bays… and light filled his view port.

The Kilrathi fighter exploded. Shot down by one of the other ambushers. Abraham's pod did not have a working radio, so he didn't know what was happening, only that the remaining Kilrathi left.

He was eventually picked up by a space superiority fighter pilot with the callsign 'Spyboy'. Spyboy was apparently new to the job as he ran out of fuel before reaching his carrier. When Abraham got back, he was surprised to find the rest of his squad not only alive, but in the brig. Apparently they had been bought off by a rival consortium to allow the freighter to be destroyed, and Abraham was too new to the squad to risk being brought in to the conspiracy. Those of the squad who weren't executed, were eventually dishonorably discharged after serving years in the stockade.

The punchline came a month later, when he was informed that he had been awarded The Ripping Claw, the highest honor the Kilrathi can give to an enemy. Upon hearing the news he retreated to his quarters and collapsed against the wall. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so he did both.


  • Does the job that's in front of him, then runs.
  • Honored by the Kilrathi.


After recieving The Ripping Claw from the Kilrathi government, Abraham set out to learn as much as he could about Kilrathi culture, if only to figure out why he seemed to be so honored after what was, from his point of view, a very sound defeat. Pounding might be a better, if less charitable, word for the encounter. Unfortunately there was scant information on Kilrathi culture to be had, or at least little information that wasn't classified far beyond his clearance. He did manage to learn that there was a Kilrathi, not raised among Terrans or anything but an actual native of the culture he needed to learn about, who was serving in the Alliance military.

Unfortunately very few military personel, probably none at Abraham's rank, are able to pick their assignments. So it seemed likely that he would never meet this Henri and first hand knowledge of the mysterious culture would remain beyond his reach. Imagine his delight when he was sitting at the ship's bar, nursing a especially cheap brand of whisky when who should sit across from him but Hrrin Rask'Thar Nar Saalam, the holder of answers questions he was still to ignorant to even ask. Trying not to drive away his unexpected good fortune and friend, he limited his inquiries at first to questions about what the medal he had been awarded meant. He was surprised to learn that there were two factors that had to both be present in the same encounter. The first was that the recipiant had to demonstrate valor in the face of certain death, and the second was that they had to accomplish their mission despite overwhelming odds. He was shocked that he was one of only three recipiants in the history of the Kilrathi, and the only Terran so honored.

He also lost a substantial amount of his paycheck to Hrrin (Harry) in poker before he abandoned trying to read the alien and instead adopted a striclty mathematical approach. He still owes Hrrin a fairly lavish (by military sandards) meal.


  • Can Not Read Aliens
  • Can Outmath Aliens

On Your Own

Abraham has more than met the requirements for citizenship on his home planet and would have most likely mustered out at the end of his tour if not for the attack that made him acting captain of the Roland and then the Chandley incident which stranded him in, to put it delicately, the armpit of space. He tries, very hard, not to dwell on it too much, instead putting his efforts to maintaing order in the Hawking sector. Despite his concern for his family, he has to admit he is needed more here than at home, and even if he had the option might even stay for an additional tour.


  • Homesick
  • I Am Needed Here
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