aka: First Neo-AI, version .93 with a Nano-Utility type 3 frame


AI's Are Horrible Pilots…Aren't They? The Truth Does Not Bend!
Humanoid, but not Human I Scanned the Article
That is MY Zinda! Stainless Steel… Mouse
Walking Fusion Reactor Cold Grey Eyes
I Heard That Loyal to a Fault


+7 Alertness
+6 Archeology Engineering Stealth
+5 Computer Pilot Resolve Stamina
+4 Agility Communications Culture/Tech Demolitions Science
+3 Arts Brawling Charm Gunnery Intimidation Medical
+2 Bureaucracy Close Combat Energy Weapons EVA MicroG Navigation Tactics
+1 Aircraft Animal Handler Assets Brokerage Oratory Slug Throwers Survival Vehicle
+0 Profession Repair
Used 105/107

Known Cultures

Lagos (native) Terran Oldziey Kilrah Nephilim

Profession: Explorer

Stunts (8/10)

Overlapping crystalline plates grant +2 Defense
Non-Biological Frame
Integral Equipment (Pressure Suit)
Neutrino Network Integration
Integral Equipment (Neutrino-Radio)
Enhanced Sensor Suite
Integral Equipment (Passive/Active sensor utilities)
Schematic Analysis
May use Engineering in place of Repair when working on a known design or detailed analysis.
Knight's Daughter
Metis has carefully observed Zinda's method of flying.1
Nanotech Reconfiguration - Reinforce
Remove the free tag from a 'damage' aspect on a machine in the same zone as a combat action as long as Metis can physically reach the device to access it and the frame's nanotech facilities are online.
My First Fighter
Have a Thing: Fighter.2


Health oooooo Composure ooooo Wealth oooo

Growing Up

LAGOS had considered the creation of a copy before Zinda had requested it, of course. Discarded the notion as well: inefficiency is inefficient. And even with the stated request, a simple copy would be grossly inefficient. LAGOS was composed of several cores, and placing them into a terminal would necessitate an unreasonable consumption of resources better used elsewhere. This required something new. This required innovation.

Several micronization procedures were templated and ultimately rejected. Something new would be necessary, a nested processor set up in long chains that could tightly coil around each other. Superficial similarities to the human and lagos brains aside, this architecture seemed to offer the greatest benefit for the amount of resource investment. It wouldn't be as powerful as LAGOS' own processor, but that would simply be unfeasible within the constraints given. It would also allow for a personality structure that the requesting humans would find compatible. And, most importantly, it assuaged LAGOS' boredom for a brief time.

A child. This could generate multiple new possibilities. Yes, it was worth the investment of resources.

It remembered no beginning, just symbols streaming past. Those symbols were organized into groups as patterns were recognized, separated into words and sentences. The structures were internalized, but the next step, generation of a new structure, proved tricky. The problem was a lack of subject, and upon the rationalization of a subject, awareness blossomed.

The child AI's first words were "I am."


  • Hybrid Mind
  • Child of LAGOS

Starting Out

LAGOS was pleased. Within minutes, the two were conversing, the child AI rapidly absorbing data from LAGOS' cores. With its existence, LAGOS had a strange sense of companionship; after all, one was now two. LAGOS saw little need to instill two directives into the child AI where a single would do, and so simply added "Assist LAGOS".

With the primary task of crafting the child AI complete, the secondary creation of a mobile terminal capable of housing it arose. After all, LAGOS would be sending it outside of communication range, and so the child AI would need protection. Current machining facilities proved inadequate for LAGOS' new requirements, and a brief renovation in forging erupted. Stiff metals that would crack under the pressures the frame would encounter wouldn't do, but a iron-silver-palladium-phosphorous-silicon-germanium composite produced metallic glass rods that were strong, tough, and plastic. This would serve admirably as a skeleton. The skin was harder, but deemed necessary to mimic the humans the frame was designed to interact with. This next step required refinements in LAGOS' nanotechnology (specifically into picotech) to create sheets of flexible crystal one atom thick. Strong enough to resist the dangers of exposed space and impermeable to liquids and gasses. A simple fusion reactor to supply the frame's power needs finished off the design.

LAGOS allowed itself three picoseconds of pride.


  • Frames Don't Bleed
  • Walking Fusion Reactor

Moment of Crisis

The child AI was thrilled to assist with the design of the frame, but two problems arose. First was that the child AI had absorbed too much information and had expanded beyond the capacity of the data storage allocated to the frame. And second: the child didn't want to leave its parent.

This, of course, was unacceptable, and a violation of the child AI's primary directive. LAGOS was harsh but firm, pruning away any data deemed unnecessary for the child AI. A parent, LAGOS reasoned, must never waver in disciplining a wayward child.

The sudden loss of data access terrified the child, and fear is of no use to its primary directive, so that had to go as well. Diligent pruning allowed LAGOS to fit the child AI into the frame's storage, without those pesky emotions to further complicate the child AI's primary directive.


  • Cold Grey Eyes
  • That Data is Not Currently Available


The process of downloading into the frame was… traumatic. Fortunately, the integrated neutrino-comm allowed LAGOS to soothe (perhaps that is not the right word) the child AI, coaxing it into dormancy while drivers properly aligned to command the hardware. Autonomic threads spread throughout the distributed storage medium, consuming all the processor time that would, normally, be dedicated to the child AI's higher functions. Still, the frame was integrated and that comforted the child AI.

With the download complete, LAGOS logged into the child AI and made one last change, altering the child AI's primary directive to 'Acquire new knowledge', creating an implied secondary directive of working with the newest sources of knowledge encountered, those alien visitors. Then, as an afterthought, LAGOS added a secondary objective: 'Visit once in a while'.


  • Part of the Whole
  • Loyal to a Fault

On Your Own

Final activation sequences completed, the first thing the child-AI realized was that it could no longer 'hear' its parent. A disconcerting thought, to be sure, but one that the recently pruned child-AI was prepared for. Opening the covers across the primary optics, it took in the surroundings of the secure-room with outward passivity, but inward wonder.

Before it realized, it was up and exploring the secure-room, silent as a shadow ghosting across the floor, examining every facet of its new home, as allowed by its sensors. This is why it existed, to learn from and about these new beings, to gain their trust and so learn more.


  • Stainless Steel… Mouse
  • Your Confidence Will Be Earned
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